That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 588


Josie gave up and lay in bed, trying to sleep well. Unfortunately, her headache worsened due to a
fever. She whimpered in pain.

However, she forced herself to stay strong.

She was determined not to cry because she knew Dexter was watching her every move from the
surveillance system. She believed he would look down on her if he saw her crying. Thus, Josie gripped
the blanket and shut her eyes tightly. She felt tears threatening to spill from her eyes as she tried to fall

Meanwhile, Dexter watched Josie toss and turn on the screen without a hint of emotion on his face,

Josie has always been stubborn. Once she decides on something she will never stray from it. It’s
impossible to make her

submit to anyone.

Dexter did not want to do this to her, especially after someone had dragged her into the pool. It hurt him
to see her suffer.

However, he could not help but be furious to see her treating their relationship as if it was nothing.

Therefore, he steeled his heart and locked her up.

Larry came in and said, “Mr. Russell, the maid, who went out with Mrs. Russell, wishes to talk to you.”

The maid discovered that Dexter placed Josie under house arrest. She could not understand why Josie
was punished when Xenia was the culprit. Therefore, she stood before the door nervously, wanting to

plead for mercy on behalf of Josie.

Dexter’s expression turned cold. “No, tell her to leave.”

“What the heck is wrong with you? Are you out to humiliate me?”

Summer barged into Arnold’s office in Carter Group in her high heels before slamming her handbag
against him.

The metal decoration on her handbag scratched Arnold’s forehead, leaving a streak of red.

He did not show any pain but looked at Summer calmly. “Dexter personally came to pick her up. Why
are you so anxious?”

Summer’s face was covered with thick makeup. Her ruby-red lips curved into a smirk. “Since you’re so
good at weighing the pros and cons, do you know the media learned about the incident? Your videos
are trending all over the Web. Everyone’s talking about how furious you were and how you jumped in
not to save your ex-girlfriend, but that f*cking Mrs. Russell!”

It would have made more sense if he saved his ex-girlfriend, but he saved Josie instead!

Summer’s chest heaved as anger and jealousy warred within her.

“Dexter will issue a statement. You don’t have to worry about being humiliated as my wife. Arnold
arched his eyebrows. He lit a cigar and smoked indifferently.

Summer laughed angrily. She nodded and turned to a woman who had been kneeling at the side for a

long time. She grabbed a folder on the way and slammed it against the woman. “B*tch! This is all your

Xenia cowered under Summer’s intimidating aura and trembled fearfully. She did not dare to look up.
“Mrs… Mrs. Carter, it wasn’t me. Josie pulled me into the pool..”

Summer raised her feet, pushing her beautiful high heel against Xenia’s chin. She looked at Xenia as if
she was trash. “If you didn’t scheme against Josie, why would she come to Carter Group to look for
you? Tell me, why were you against her?”

Xenia’s trembling worsened. She looked at Arnold pleadingly. “T… I couldn’t stand the sight of her.
She… She’s annoying!”

Summer sneered and pressed her heel harder, causing Summer’s face to turn red and swollen.

“If I were you, I wouldn’t have used such a crude method and dragged everyone down, Summer said
disdainfully. Then, she muttered to herself, “How should I deal with this trash?”

“Blacklist her.” Arnold suddenly replied. He snuffed out the cigar and wiped the ash from his hand. His
tone was so indifferent that it was as if he was talking about the weather.

Xenia turned pale with terror and slumped to the floor.

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