That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 601

Heading to Wavery University

Dexter supported her up and held her hands tightly. “In any case, you can’t come up with anything
good. at home. Why don’t we go out for a bit?”

She was led downstairs, and she suddenly stopped on the last step. Indistinct panic appeared in her
eyes, but she hid it well.

“I’m feeling slightly unwell.”

Dexter was on a lower step, but he was still taller. He knew she was lying, so he grew more forceful
when she acted like this. “Jo.”

He had arranged for a car outside and instructed the servants.

“With your identity… You’ll be photographed.” Josie couldn’t dissuade him, so she raised the most


Dexter didn’t respond. He seemed to have lost his patience. Dexter let go of her hand and bent down to
pick her up. He kicked the door open and made his way out of Mason Garden.

He opened the door and got into the car. He did everything smoothly.

The man had devoured her ferociously last night, so she had no energy to resist.

After the car sped off, multiple black cars followed and escorted them safely from a distance.

The car rolled over the fallen leaves.


Josie couldn’t escape, so she could only worry about one thing. She didn’t know what to do with the
slippers on her feet.

Dexter was prepared. He had instructed for a dress in a style that Josie liked to be sent ahead of time.
He personally bent down and helped her put it on.

Josie was angry and uncooperative when putting her shoes on. She wriggled her feet like a worm.
Dexter was still patient initially but hit the sole of her feet in the end. “Don’t move!”

He was merciless, and there was a burning pain. Josie didn’t have to look to know it must have been

Her eyes reddened. “Dexter Russell!”

She looked at him bitterly and had a nasty expression.

Dexter wasn’t angry. He wiped away the aggrieved tears in the corners of her eyes. “If it really hurts, I’ll
get Anderson on standby.”

Josie didn’t say anything.

The man’s embrace was warm, but she was cold all over.

Why did he suddenly want to take me back to school? Did he find out something?

Since it was the anniversary, the various entrances of Wavery University were crowded. It was hard for
Dexter’s car to move.

Josie looked at the young, good-looking boys and girls outside. Their expressions were intertwined with
anticipation. It was like her young self when she thought she would have a great future.

The car had stopped.

The faculty staff building was outside.

Larry opened the car door. Josie was well hidden in Dexter’s arms. They quickly arrived at the door of


Dexter knocked.

Surprisingly, an elderly person with white hair sat inside elegantly. Her head was bent as she wrote with
her reading glasses on.

She raised her head when she heard a noise and smiled. “Dexter.”

Josie was in a daze. Professor Mowry had aged in the few years Josie hadn’t seen her.

This was her professor when she was in school. Professor Mowry treated her well.

Professor Mowry looked at Josie for a few seconds, and tears flashed in her eyes before she reached
out to hold Josie’s hand. “It’s really you, silly girl. Why haven’t you visited me? How heartless of you.”

Josie’s breathing was slightly rushed. No one knew what she was thinking of. She laughed bitterly. “I’ve
been busy with work.”

“Yes, you’ve been busy. I heard you entered Russell Group but never thought you became Mrs.
Russell.” Professor Mowry said pleasantly.

Josie looked at Dexter. “You know each other?”

“Professor Mowry is good friends with my professor.

“Dexter is outstanding. His professor often brags about him to me.”

Josie was astonished. “Did you study at Wavery University?”

“For a year before I transferred overseas.”

It made sense and came as no surprise to her.

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