That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 596

It Was Heather

Dexter opened the video and watched his past mistake play before his eyes.

He finally understood why Josie had been behaving strangely. He gently tossed the phone aside and
faced Josie. “I made a mistake in the United Kingdom, thinking that the woman was you. This video is
incomplete. I stopped immediately when I realized she wasn’t you.”

“I will ask Larry to obtain the security footage.”

Although Dexter was nervous while explaining, he also seemed honest.

Josie nodded. That means the thing in the video truly happened.”

Dexter fell silent.

“I thought the man who proposed and convinced me to stay would never cheat on me with another
woman. When I saw the video, I thought someone had faked it to sow discord between us. So I trusted
you and went to Carter Group to investigate the matter.”

Josie felt on the verge of giving up as she spoke. She was exhausted with everything.

“Honestly, what can I do even if you cheated on me? I have nothing of worth to keep a man like you.
Everyone thinks we are ill-matched.”

It hurt Dexter to see Josie depreciate herself. He explained helplessly, “I didn’t have intercourse with
her. What the video showed was all we did. I pushed her off me after that.

However, his words sounded unbelievable without proof.

Yet, Josie nodded. “I believe you.”

Dexter frowned and did not dare to relax.

“Who was that woman?”

Dexter hesitated for a moment before answering, “Heather.”

Josie suddenly felt the woman’s identity no longer mattered when Dexter hesitated. Her voice trembled.
“Did you… not want to tell me?”

Dexter frowned harder and replied immediately. “I don’t want you to overthink.”

“How could I overthink if it happened? It’s your behavior that makes me suspicious!” Josie could no
longer hold back her emotions. His moment of hesitation destroyed her effort to remain calm.

“Do you know what I did in the few days I was in the United Kingdom? I had surgery. No, after I
returned to Wavery, I pleaded with Mark on behalf of Russell Group. What were you doing then?”

Tears fell from her eyes. She could not contain them anymore. The thought of him being with that
woman while she suffered was like a stab to her heart.

“Josie, please listen to me.” Dexter embraced her immediately. He tightened his hold such that veins
popped up on the back of his hands. He calmed down and continued, “I can explain and find evidence
to prove my innocence. I won’t ask you to trust me. All I ask is a chance to clear my name.

Meanwhile, Josie gradually calmed down in his embrace. Then, Dexter repeated, “Please leave it to me
and let me deal with it. You can trust me.”

Josie closed her eyes and did not wish to think anymore.

“Please leave. I want to rest.”

She could pretend the matter never happened before Dexter told the truth. She could even analyze the
matter rationally and guessed someone had tried to sow discord between them. Furthermore, she was
even willing to trust Dexter.

However, now that he had confessed, she suddenly could not hold back her emotions and felt so
betrayed. that she wanted to give up.

Dexter closed the door and went downstairs.

Larry had been waiting for Dexter all this while and was shocked to see his red eyes and hopeless
expression. “Mr. Russell?”

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