That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 574

She Left First

After Summer left, Josie continued sitting in the lounge for quite a while. It was her third time in the
Olsen Group’s hotel, but she had never carefully observed the furnishings here.

The furnishings of the hotel were luxurious but not extravagant. Its elegant style corresponded to

Claudia’s taste.

Mark must love her a lot. If Liana were still around, maybe she wouldn’t have to stay in the monastery
and isolate herself from the outside world.

At this thought, Josie smiled ruefully.

She wanted to go and find Laura but accidentally sprained her ankle when she stood up. Her heels
broke, which left her in an inconvenient state. She looked around the lounge in exasperation, but there
was no one she could seek help from.

Just then, Claudia walked into the lounge, surrounded by a few other ladies. She lifted her eyes and
noticed the helpless girl, who looked completely different from her confident self just now.

“Mrs. Olsen, she’s…” Her companion asked when they saw her gazing at Josie hesitantly.

“Nothing. Go ahead. I’ll come later.” Claudia sent her companions away and walked up to Josie. “What

Josie was startled when she heard the voice and became nervous to see Claudia. “I…”

Claudia was observant and quickly noticed her broken high heels. “Wait for me here.”

Josie was upset as she watched Claudia walk away. Although Claudia was Summer’s mother, their
personalities were completely different. Josie felt apologetic toward Claudia for disrupting her
daughter’s major occasions repeatedly.

Not long after Claudia left, Josie’s phone vibrated. She was relieved, thinking Dexter had texted. To her
shock, it was a message consisting of a picture. In the picture, a man dressed in home wear was
pressing. his body against a woman on the bed. He placed one hand on the woman’s chest while
kissing her neck.

It was obviously a couple who were madly in love. The man’s side profile could be seen clearly.

Instantly, Josie’s feet felt like jelly. She tightened her grip on the phone. The man in the picture was so
familiar that she could recognize him at one glance.

Gulping, she enlarged the picture to confirm her perception. There were no traces of the picture being
digitally edited; the two people in the picture looked natural.

The ID which sent the message was one from Wavery. Josie called the number immediately, but no
one answered.

– Just then, Laura came down from upstairs with a coat over her shoulder. She walked up to Josie and

“I’m leaving now. Come with me.”

Josie was still standing in a daze at the spot.

“Hey, Josie. Are you okay?” Laura waved at Josie. Only then did Josie regain her composure. “What is

“I said I’m leaving. Let’s go together.”



Josie unlocked her phone screen and mumbled, “I-I’m waiting for Dexter.”

“The men are busy socializing, and it won’t end that soon. Why don’t you come with me to check out
the house?”

“Okay.” Josie was filled with complicated emotions. She felt light-headed and wished to leave the place
as soon as possible.

“Oh, your heels are broken.” Laura exchanged her shoes with Josie before the two left the hotel

By the time Claudia rushed back to the place after asking for a pair of sandals from the server, Josie
was nowhere to be seen.

Dejected, Claudia noticed the heels Josie left on the floor. She instructed the server to keep them away
and wrote down an address, “Get them fixed and send them to this address.”

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