That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 592

Begging Her

Laura had a strange expression when Josie mentioned Dr. Morgan. She nodded. “Yes, Dr. Morgan is a
good person.”

A good person…. Josie wanted to laugh. This description doesn’t fit Morgan at all. Still, he can be
charming if he


Otherwise, how would I have fallen for his tricks?

Josie lost her appetite as she recalled the last time they met. She had no idea when Morgan returned
and why. She hoped she never had to see him again.

Josie stayed in the hospital to rest for the following few days. However, she never saw Dexter again in
those days.

The day before her discharge, an unwelcome guest appeared in her ward. It was Xenia.

She brought a crowd with her. It was not a simple visitation. She likely arranged for reporters to take
photos of her entering the hospital and publishing articles about her visit.

It was all to remedy her reputation.


you come to see me? I’m standing right here. What are you looking at?”

Xenia looked left and right when Josie’s clear tone brought her to her senses. She smiled stiffly, “Oh,
are you all right?”

Josie found the situation amusing. “It has been so many days. You would have visited days earlier if


“I’ve been busy recently.”

“Seems like you’re now free.” Although Josie did not feel hatred speaking to Xenia, she had no reason
to be

nice to her.

Xenia clenched her fists. She lost all her jobs ever since Arnold blacklisted her. Thus, she was indeed

She looked at Josie with hatred and could not understand why an unremarkable woman like her
caught. Dexter and Arnold’s eyes.

Still, she had no choice but to humble herself for the sake of her career.

Arnold had blacklisted her from the entertainment industry. Xenia could not think of any way to resolve
this except to beg Josie.

“Mrs. Russell, I didn’t mean what I did. I called you over because I was jealous that Arnold liked you. I
only wanted to make you suffer a little and did not expect things to spiral out of control. Can you please
be merciful and let me go this time?” Xenia looked eager to please Josie.

Josie pondered briefly before answering, “You want me to let you go? But I didn’t do anything to you.”

Xenia was on the verge of tears. “Can you talk to Mr. Carter for me? I really can’t afford to lose my job.
I swear I will never bother you again!”

Josie wanted to laugh. “Xenia, you came to the wrong person. Rather than me, it would be best if you

talked to Mrs. Carter. She is better positioned to persuade Mr. Carter.”

Xenia immediately recalled how Summer stepped on her that day and treated her like trash.

“Josie, I’m begging you. You have to help me. Didn’t you also drag me into the pool? I had a fever too!”

Josie nodded thoughtfully. “But what does this have to do with me?”


Xenia knew her plan failed. She glanced at her surroundings and was relieved that Dexter was not

She retorted, “You are also a woman working in this industry. Can’t you show some mercy? Do you
think I don’t know how you achieved all you have? Don’t act like you’re better than me.”

Josie frowned in confusion.

Xenia lowered her voice. “I heard you used to work in Russell Group. Your relationship with Dexter
must have started then.”

Josie felt irritable the moment she heard his name. Still, she could tell what Xenia implied. Why does
Dexter keep attracting troublesome people wherever he goes?

“What do you mean?”

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