That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 598

Deliberately Causing Trouble

“I have no reason to do such a thing. I will be the first person she suspects if she finds out about the
incident. What do I have to gain from this?”

Dexter remained silent.

Heather’s high heels stepped on a puddle and caused water to splash everywhere.

Dexter walked ahead. As Moses opened the car door, Dexter turned slightly and said, “You look terrible
in white. Don’t wear it again.”

Heather was stumped. Dexter’s words heavily implied something.

Meanwhile, Dexter entered the car and lowered the window partially. “Meet me at Heaven on Earth in

an hour.”

Heather was rendered speechless.

The car sped away. He had no intention of offering her a ride.

Heather stood in the wind, looking like a fallen white rose.

She hugged her arms and tried to get a cab using an app. Unfortunately, Emerald Villa’s unique
location meant that cars came here. She had no choice but to walk outside in her high heels.

The tarred road was long and unending. Her legs felt sore from walking, but she still could not find a

Dexter deliberately did this to her.

She walked for around fifteen minutes before finally hailing a cab. The taxi driver was astonished.
“Miss, what happened to you?”

Heather was not in the mood to chat. She said fearfully, “Send me to Heaven on Earth right now. Can
you reach there in fifteen minutes?”

“Fifteen minutes? It will take at least half an hour. Moreover, there’s a traffic jam on the way.”

“No, it has to be fifteen minutes. Please, I beg you. I’m willing to pay more.”

The driver was rendered speechless.

Calvin had not seen Dexter since they parted previously. He knew Dexter still held grudges against him
for concealing Josie’s car crash from him.”

“Do you have a business gathering today?” Calvin asked tentatively.

“Get me a private lounge.” Dexter’s tone brood no argument.

Heather arrived around forty minutes later.

Her white dress was stained with muddy splashes, and most of her makeup had faded. She cautiously.
opened the private lounge door and was greeted with a fantastic sight..

“Mrs. Russell…” She flinched and looked at the man in the main seat.

Dexter did not move, but the man beside him waved and said, “Where are my manners? Please come

Calvin appeared interested in her. He poured her a glass of wine and gestured for her to sit beside him.
“What’s your name?”

Heather glanced at Dexter. “Heather.”

“Your name sounds familiar. Have we met?”

“I used to work for Mr. Carter…”

Arnold was Dexter and Calvin’s rival. Naturally, their paths would not cross.

“Interesting.” Calvin seemed excited and offered her another wine. “Do you dance?”

The others fell silent when Calvin began speaking. They whistled as he mentioned dancing.

Dexter did not show any emotion. He raised his glass and swirled the wine in it.

Heather clenched her teeth and replied, “I can dance.”

Screams and cheers filled the room.

Heather danced well. Although her movements were messy, her youthfulness made up for it.
Furthermore, with a figure like hers, she looked good no matter how she danced.

Dexter narrowed his eyes. Calvin watched his expression curiously.

“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you’ve fallen for her.”

“Does Josie know?”

Dexter felt that mentioning her in such a place meant defiling her name. “Don’t bring up her name

Meanwhile, Heather finished dancing and returned to the table. Calvin offered her a glass of wine.
“Drink up.”

She hesitated briefly before accepting it.

Dexter observed silently.

Heather finished the wine in a gulp. She looked gorgeous as she leaned back slightly, showing off her
slender neck. Drops of wine rolled down her neck as she drank. Her neck arched beautifully.

“Thank you for the wine,” Heather said before turning to Dexter. “Mr. Russell, you misunderstood me,”

Dexter did not respond. Instead, Calvin spoke first. “Why are you talking to him? He’s already married.
Talk to me instead. Name a price and be with me.”

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