That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 599

My Wife Won’t Like It.

Heather’s gaze turned stern. She placed the glass on the table.

It was a clear rejection.

Calvin instantly turned hostile. No one had ever rejected him before. He was so angry that he glared at
Heather intently as if trying to pierce her with his stare. Heather had a feeling that he would cause a


Calvin briefly met Dexter’s gaze before looking at Heather fiercely. “Do you know who I am?”

How could she not know? She also knew she could not afford to offend anyone in this place. She
feared she would be doomed if she didn’t escape immediately.

She ignored Calvin and looked into Dexter’s indifferent gaze, pleading for him to help her.


Suddenly, Larry entered and whispered something into Dexter’s ear. Dexter leaned slightly to the side.
His gaze was gloomy and intimidating.

Then, right before Calvin could lose his temper, Dexter said, “That’s enough. Don’t trouble the young

Heather’s eyes brightened with hope.

Calvin thought he had misheard and completely forgot about his anger from before. He looked at
Dexter in disbelief. “What did you say?”

Didn’t you tell me to scare her?

Dexter appeared calm. He glanced at the helpless Heather and headed outside. “I don’t want
unnecessary problems.”

Larry greeted Calvin before following Dexter.

Calvin glanced at Heather and was stunned. He understood what Dexter meant. Heather would not
stay no matter what he did.

Meanwhile, Heather chased Dexter and caught up with him at the end of the corridor. Dexter draped a
suit jacket over his arm and seemed to expect her.

Heather smiled cheerfully. “Mr. Russell, do you not suspect me anymore?”

Dexter did not pause. His expression was indifferent as he replied, “You’re surprisingly happy even

gave you a lot of trouble.”


“All that matters is that the misunderstanding is cleared. I’m willing to explain the matter to your wife if


Dexter raised his eyebrows. A while ago, Larry discovered that the message sent to Josie’s phone
came from Rivodia.

If Heather were behind this, she would not let anyone trace the message’s origin. Yet, Dexter’s team


The cold wind blew at Heather when she stepped out of the nightclub, causing her to shiver from the


Furthermore, she wore a dress that showed her long legs, making her s sultry and beautiful.

Dexter watched the scene and frowned, “You should leave Caesar when you can.”

Heather smiled bitterly. Do you think I have a choice? Still, she replied, “Thank you, Mr. Russell…” She
paused and fluttered her lashes. “Let’s meet again sometime. I’ll buy you a beer.”

She thanked him even though he wrongly suspected her.

Dexter smiled ambiguously. “That won’t be necessary. My wife won’t like it.”

Heather wanted to respond but stopped herself. She bowed slightly and left. Then, she walked away
with. her head held high. It was hard to know what she was thinking.

Meanwhile, Dexter stood with his hands behind him and watched Heather disappear into the crowd.
Her back looked so slender in the night scene that it felt like the wind could blow her away.

Larry looked ahead, following Dexter’s gaze. “Mr. Russell, Ms. Riley seems like a dignified person. She
doesn’t look like someone who would scheme against others.”

“How do you know?” Dexter sneered and continued, “Have you obtained the surveillance record?”

“Yes, Mr. Russell. The hotel management said the surveillance camera was not functioning, so I sent
someone to fix it in the United Kingdom.”

Dexter breathed a sigh of relief. I can prove my innocence upon obtaining the complete surveillance
record. Then, Josie… won’t be sad anymore.

He smiled and instructed, “Let’s return to Mason Garden.”

Then, he paused before continuing, “I need you to get rid of Emerald Villa.”

Larry was puzzled. “Do you mean sell it?”


Moses drove the car at high speed to Mason Garden. However, a servant informed, “Mrs. Russell went
out and hasn’t returned.”

Dexter’s expression darkened. “Where did she go?”

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