That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 606

Morgan found himself at a clear disadvantage after falling into Dexter’s trap.

Look Like an Old Acquaintance

Deep down, he knew this negotiation was set to end unfavorably.

Morgan proposed, hoping to salvage the situation, “Mr. Russell, let’s find a middle ground here. You
take six, and we’ll settle for four. How about that?”

Dexter pushed the documents across the table with a smirk. “You know… there are countless
vulnerabilities in your supply chain that I can exploit.”

Subsequently, Dexter’s intimidation backed Morgan into a corner, rendering no room for negotiation.

Josie lowered her head, confused and frustrated, as she took notes. She couldn’t help but think that
Dexter was ruthless and cunning.

Josie’s thoughts about Dexter were confirmed by his subsequent actions-he wasn’t just ruthless but

to extremes.

Without hesitation, he used his power to impose the terms. He even brought up the idea of
cooperation, “Let’s consider profit sharing. I’ll take eight, and you’ll take two.”

A heavy silence permeated the room.

Josie glanced at the man beside her. He was calm and collected as if they were engaged in a casual

Morgan pressed his lips together, inwardly frustrated by the lack of options to counter Dexter’s
unreasonable demand.

Then, he turned, fixed his gaze on Josie, and blurted, “Mrs. Russell, you look a lot like someone I used
to know.”

Josie was taken aback, furrowing her brows at Morgan.

Has he gone nuts? What is he trying to do?

Glancing at her, Dexter swooped in and said, “Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that she and your
acquaintance look alike.”

“Who knows,” Morgan replied with a meaningful smile. “Why not ask Mrs. Russell if she recognizes

Amid the bustling media presence and Dexter by her side, Josie hesitated to admit she knew Morgan.

Acting on pure instinct, she leaned over and grabbed Dexter’s hand that was resting on the table,
silently expressing her vulnerability.

The room filled with disapproving frowns.

Dexter looked at Josie, and she shook her head in response, indicating she hadn’t made his


Upon witnessing Josie’s response, Morgan instantly sported a triumphant and sarcastic smirk.

Dexter was caught off guard, his expression changing from disbelief to a bitter smile.

He had just lost the upper hand in this negotiation.

Standing on the sidelines and witnessing Josie’s reaction. Larry closed his eyes and sighed in defeat.

In the room, everyone was well aware of how things were unfolding, except for one person who was
also the culprit for the fallout.

Josie blinked, her innocent and puzzled gaze fixed on Dexter.

Dexter slowly withdrew his smile and asked in a gentle tone, “Are you keeping up with the minutes?”

Josie replied, hopeful for a turning point, “Yeah, I’m following. Please continue.”

Yet, the meeting had come to a sudden halt.

Dexter took the blame upon himself, questioning his wit, and regretted involving Josie in the meeting.
He had brought her into the fray, only to have her presence sabotage him at a critical moment.

Morgan picked up on the shift in Dexter’s demeanor as he uttered, “Mr. Russell, it seems that even
Mrs. Russell deems your demands excessive.”

In essence, he meant. ‘Even your closest ally doesn’t see things the way you do. The conditions you’ve
presented are simply unreasonable.

Morgan had posed a challenging defense.

Dexter, a seasoned player in the business world, had never encountered such backstabbing from his
counterpart before. He found no more cards to play in response to the opponent’s move.

However, Morgan offered some leniency to Russell Group. “We can accept your proposal on the
condition” that Russell Group gives hundred percent participation and cooperation in our future


Instead of being the ones taking advantage of others, Russell Group now found themselves on the
receiving end. While they acquired the funds, they also incurred a sense of indebtedness.

Morgan’s intention was clear, I’m letting you off the hook for now, but in the future, you must fulfill your
obligations if I need something!

The morale within Russell Group diminished as everyone recognized their impending defeat.

However, Dexter possessed unwavering resolve. Even in the face of betrayal, he managed to maintain
a smile and replied, “Certainly.”

He never anticipated being at the mercy of Morgan. A sense of continual frustration and anger surged

within him.

Meanwhile, Josie struggled to grasp the shifting dynamics as it appeared that Dexter still emerged.
victorious. Naively, she assumed her recent actions had no impact on the ongoing negotiation..

Throughout the meeting, Dexter maintained a severe and stoic demeanor.

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