That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 605

Love Rivalry

During their short commute, Dexter briefly explained the purpose of the meeting to Josie in a clear and
easy-to-understand manner.

The other party was a foreign venture capital firm that had come to negotiate with the Russell Group.

The opposing party turned out to be a foreign venture capital company visiting for negotiations with the
Russell Group. The business and commerce media were present because of the current intense
situation. in the capital market, where a capital victory was crucial to boost morale.

Therefore, the meeting carried immense importance-any slight errors or mistakes were unacceptable.

Despite her lack of knowledge of business, Dexter’s decision to bring Josie along was uncalled for.

Upon their arrival at the venue, all the Russell Group employees were startled. “Mr. Russell, this is…”

Josie wore a subtle makeup look, accentuating her youthful features and giving her the appearance of
a teenager. Yet, everyone was cognizant that she was Mrs. Russell.

Dexter’s demeanor turned serious. “She’ll be accompanying me later.”

Why would he bring Josie to such a pivotal meeting, who had little understanding of business?

Josie’s apprehension mirrored in her eyes, “But, I…”

Larry caught sight of Dexter and quickly walked up, leaning in to whisper something in his ear. In an
instant, Dexter’s gaze shifted upward.

At that very moment, the representative from the capital party confidently strutted towards them.

Josie’s eyes instinctively darted toward the person, her pupils dilating when she caught sight of his

The sunlight streaming through the window cast an aura of solemnity upon the man in formal attire. He
wore gold-rimmed glasses and casually examined Josie.

Little did Josie know that she would bump into Morgan!

Just as she was starting to feel relieved about escaping the school anniversary celebration, life threw
her at curveball by unexpectedly running into an old acquaintance in this unassuming setting.

Dexter noticed Morgan’s scrutinizing gaze and smirked, extending his hand. “After all this time, I finally
get to see the true face of the man pulling the strings.”

Morgan snapped back to reality and locked eyes with him. “Well, the company we started as a hobby
years ago pales in comparison to Russell Group.”

In truth, Morgan’s company had been quite impressive; otherwise, it wouldn’t have been worthy of
Dexter personally attending the negotiation.

Larry promptly handed over a document with Morgan’s name prominently printed and visible on the
coyer, catching Dexter’s attention.

He narrowed his eyes and glanced to his side. Josie seemed lost in her own thoughts.

Gripping a piece of paper, Dexter maintained a composed facade. “This way in, Mr. Bastille.”

He clutched the unauthorized regulations of Morgan’s company, intending to employ them later.

Josie reluctantly sat next to Dexter while everyone else entered the room.

After carefully perusing the documents, Josie couldn’t help but be perplexed by the paradoxical nature
of the regulations. At the same time, she was impressed with Dexter’s profound understanding of
international law.

At first glance, these regulations and clauses seemed uncomplicated. Still, they possessed a hidden.
those who lacked the necessary caution and familiarity with the intricacies of the law and regulations.


On the other hand, the moment Josie stepped onto the scene, the media’s attention was immediately

Oh wow! Mrs. Russell is here! Is this going to be her debut in the business world?

Dexter glanced at Morgan as he lovingly held Josie’s hand with a warm smile gracing his lips. “Please
excuse the attention. Today, my assistant happens to be my wife as well.”


Caught up in the unexpected revelation, the room full of reporters and corporate personnel buzzed with

was caught off guard by the news. She swiftly cast a sidelong glance at Dexter. According to him, she
had the freedom to actively participate in any significant events related to the Russell Group!

Their presence together stirred up quite a buzz among the crowd.

By pure chance, the financial media attending the meeting captured the coveted photos that
entertainment reporters had desperately hoped for.

This news was undoubtedly more valuable and piqued greater interest than any juicy scandal or gossip
in showbiz.

Morgan maintained a composed demeanor, seated calmly on the sidelines with a faint smile, “Looks
like Mr. Russell is in a great mood.”

In fact, the person initially designated to negotiate with Dexter was meant to be someone else.

However, upon their arrival in the country, the representative of the Russell Group abruptly summoned
them under the guise of a round-table discussion aimed at fostering trust, friendship, and economic and
commercial exchanges..

Why were they suddenly subjected to an impromptu interrogation in such a casual and last-minute


Consequently, Morgan had no alternative but to step in and assume the role of proxy and chair for the
eleventh-hour meeting.

In an intriguing twist of fate, Dexter benefitted from the circumstances. And it never occurred to Dexter
that, of all people, he would face off against Morgan.

Under Morgan’s unwavering tender gaze, Josie felt like sitting on pins and needles.

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