That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 597

A Misperception

“Who else knew about the incident in the United Kingdom?”

Dexter stood still in the silent corridor as dust floated around him. Although a shadow partially
concealed his face, Larry could keenly sense murderous intent from him.

Larry answered immediately. “No one knew except me.

Dexter instantly understood what it meant. “Bring Heather to see me.”

“Yes, Mr. Russell.”

Although no one lived in Emerald Villa for a long time, the servants kept the place so clean that there
was no dust to be seen.

Dexter stayed in the study and calmly inspected the items on the bookshelf. Josie never wanted to
come to this villa since she discovered that Summer had been here before. Since she would not come
here, Dexter had no desire to either.

This was the first time he stepped into the villa after a long time.

ther dressed more casually than usual in a white maxi dress. She had a gentle and scholarly
appearance that endeared her to many people.

“Mr. Russell, I heard you wish to see me.

Dexter turned around and paused momentarily when he saw her dress. He did not speak but gestured
to Larry, who stood behind her. Larry immediately handed Dexter a phone.

It was the phone Heather was made to hand over when she entered the villa.

Dexter took it and asked without looking up, “Your password?”

Heather frowned. “Did you call me just to check my phone? What an unusual habit you have.”

“The password,” Dexter repeated.

He seemed formidable even when calm. One could not help but feel intimidated.

Heather took a deep breath and answered, “0418.”

Dexter frowned upon hearing the numbers and unlocked the phone. He checked her message log and

found it clean.

“You work for Caesar. It doesn’t make sense for your phone to have only these few numbers.”

Heather pursed her lips and explained, “Caesar is cautious. He gave me a work phone that can never
be removed from the company.”

In other words, this was her personal phone.

Dexter did not find what he wanted and tossed the phone on the table. “Did you send the video to

Heather was stunned. “What video? I didn’t.”

ilused. It seemed like she was telling the truth.

Dexter stared at her.

Heather became anxious. “I really didn’t.”

Then, Dexter threw a document at her feet. “You have no parents, and your background’s clean.
Furthermore, you completed university with a public donation. It must have been difficult. However,
people like you have no reason to get involved in this circle. Who’s controlling you?”

Heather could not help but shudder as Dexter explained the critical points of Heather’s background
with only a few words.

She bore with the humiliation and stood straight. “There has to be a reason why someone would
subject. oneself to another’s control. However, I have no family or weakness. Mr. Russell, you’re
overthinking. I’m only an ordinary person.”

Still, she was unusually courageous and never truly feared Dexter.

“You still won’t speak?”

“I have nothing to reveal. Mr. Russell, you have a misperception about me.”

Dexter stood up. “Follow me.”

Heather hesitated before keeping up with him. It was drizzling outside, and the air was cool. Larry held
an umbrella for Dexter. Heather followed behind them and was anxious to speak.

“Mr. Russell, did Mrs. Russell find out about the incident?”

“It wasn’t me. I never talked to her.”

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