That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 603

Did You Date?

Dexter’s hand was about to open the car door, and Josie pulled it away with a slightly stiff smile. “Didn’t
you study here for a year? There’s nothing much to see.”

“The anniversary celebration is lively. Let’s soak it in. Dexter silently held her hand and led her out of


It seemed like Josie couldn’t avoid it.

Dexter was in a black coat. He blocked most of the breeze as he stood before her. She felt a sense of
security just by looking at his figure.

As a petite woman in a vast world, it seemed like she was naturally protected as she hid behind the

There was a lake here with elm trees by the side. Red leaves floated in the air before falling into the
dark green, crystal-clear lake water.

Further up front was the lively scene.

Dexter was slightly distracted and suddenly asked, “Did you date when you were in university?”

Josie’s pupils widened a little. She paused momentarily before answering, “Why are you suddenly

Dexter turned. “I feel like such a great landscape is perfect for university students to date.”

Josie didn’t know what he meant. She wrapped herself tightly in his arms and asked, “What about you?
Did you date in university?”

Her intentions were obvious. Dexter turned and said dully, “No. After finishing a year in Wavery, I
applied to be an exchange student in Boston. The schoolwork overseas was difficult, and I spent most
of my energy on my studies. I had no mood to date.”

“How wholesome. How can I not believe you?” Josie said half-jokingly. “You’re so handsome, Mr.
Russell. You should have had many admirers.”

She was a sweet-talker. Dexter squeezed her chin and said half warningly and half solemnly, “You
haven’t answered my question.”

Josie looked into his eyes and knew she couldn’t avoid it. “I dated someone for a year. After that, he
went overseas to study, and we broke up.”

This was true. Josie wasn’t lying.

Dexter immediately restrained his smile, and she added. “I was young at the time, and I didn’t know
right. from wrong. It’s in the past. Are you angry, Mr. Russell?”

He let her hands go and only asked, “Was he older than you?”


Dexter had never regretted any decisions but suddenly regretted going overseas when he heard it.

“Perhaps I could have met you earlier if I stayed back initially.”

Josie broke into laughter when she heard it. She couldn’t imagine dating Dexter in school. She was

amused as she thought about it and gradually doubled over with laughter.

“Why are you laughing?” Dexter was baffled that Josie was laughing. He held her arm so she wouldn’t
sit on the ground.

“I’m thinking about how arrogant and cocky you would have been back then.” Josie laughed harder
when she thought of that scene.

Dexter reached out and tickled her. “Is that how you think of me, Josie Warren?!”

Josie raised her hands and begged for mercy. “I’m sorry. It’s my fault. The breeze is strong by the lake.
Let’s head back.”

Dexter pulled her up and was about to agree when a voice suddenly rang.


The two looked over simultaneously and were surprised to see a woman with a slim figure walk over
with a smile. Josie only recognized the woman as she approached. “Nancy?”

Nancy had returned from Rivodia for this anniversary

Nancy smiled as she walked over but was slightly surprised when she saw the man next to Josie. “This

Josie and Dexter looked at each other. “My husband, Dexter Russell. Dex, this is my schoolmate,


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