That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 584

Fell Into the Pool

The next day, Josie received a message when she woke up.

‘Come to Carter Group. You will see what you’ve been wondering.

Another anonymous number texted her. Obviously, it was from the same person the day before.

She took a deep breath before replying. Where do we meet?”

“She took the bait,” Xenia smirked as she sent the exact location over.

She had to shoot a commercial in an indoor pool with someone not involved in the show business.
They had to fall into the pool together to meet the vibe of the commercial.

Now that she had lost her popularity, many people were much colder to her. Some didn’t even try to
hide. their disdain for her.

Josie asked one of the maids to accompany her, but she didn’t inform Dexter.

When she arrived, only one assistant remained with Xenia, looking rather desolate.

Is she the one who sent me the picture? Is that her? It doesn’t look like it, though-she’s too thin. Dexter
would have Taken action during the wedding if it was really her, but he didn’t.

Many people were surprised to see Josie. I don’t seem to recall this celebrity, they wondered amongst

“I’m here now. What do you want?” she asked.

Xenia gave her an appraisal before suddenly yelling, “Mr. Director, haven’t you been dissatisfied with
the shoot? Here, I found you another girl!”

The maid stood in front of Josie defensively.

The director walked over and looked at her from head to toe. “Looks good.”

“She’s not a celebrity, and she’s not going to be involved in the shoot!” The maid stomped her foot on
the ground after seeing how Xenia was up to no good.

“Now, don’t be so hasty. We are going to pay you at the end of the day. Madam, if you do well, I can
even lead you into show business…” The director tried to convince Josie to join.

With just a glance at Xenia, Josie already knew what she had planned. What a lousy plan.

“Sure. Tell me what to do.”

“Madam, if something happens-”

“Don’t worry.

Let’s see what Xenia can do!

Meanwhile, Arnold received a report right after a meeting ended.

“Mr. Carter, Ms. Warren is here.”



Josie? What is she doing here?

“Let her in.”

“No, she’s in the studio, filming with… Xenia.”


Arnold’s eyes narrowed. “Why is she there?”

“Looks like they are filming a commercial together-

“Nonsense!” Arnold got up immediately. “Bring me over now.”

Everyone in the studio bowed when they saw Arnold. “Mr. Carter-

Andy announced. “Get back to work!”

As the cameras started rolling, the director sat in front of the camera and barked, “Start!”

Josie had some light summer clothes on. Even though she was next to Xenia, she held her own
ground. She performed quite well despite her underlying nerves.

Arnold’s eyes lit up when he saw her.

While filming, they weren’t required to perform the actions. Nevertheless, it was clear that Josie would
not go easy on Xenia.

Arnold frowned when understanding dawned upon him.

Frustrated that her antics did not make a fool of Josie, Xenia got mad and pulled Josie with her before
falling into the pull.


A sense of dread took hold of Arnold’s body. He reacted quickly and leaped into the pool. “Josie!”

The director took off his earpiece and instructed, “Why are you guys standing there? Save her!”

Josie knew how to swim-or she would never allow this situation to happen. As she emerged from the
water, she was stunned when she saw the man swimming toward her. D


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