That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 607

Old Things

Josie was puzzled and cautiously reached out to hold his hand. “Wha… What’s wrong.

Prompted by Josie, Dexter cast a quick glance at the woman by his side. Her clear. gaze reflected
innocence and a lack of awareness regarding the harsher realities of human nature.

With an abrupt change in demeanor, he uttered, “Stop talking to me from now on.”

Startled by his sudden shift in attitude, Josie jolted back her arm. A perplexing sense of resentment
swelled within her.

Meanwhile, Dexter was followed by a group of individuals as they exited the meeting room.

Larry couldn’t bear to see her clueless and defeated look; he pulled Josie aside and explained, “Don’t
blame Mr. Russell. If anyone else had done what you just did, and if it were me that did it, I would have
been dead by now.”

Josie blinked, confused and startled, “That bad?”

Out of courtesy and adhering to business etiquette, Dexter escorted Morgan to the exit.

As the cold air lingered outside, Morgan nonchalantly accepted a scarf from his assistant, “Well then,
Mr. Russell, we shall excuse ourselves now. Until next time.”

Dexter’s impatience was evident as he emitted an intense frustration.

He was about to walk away when his attention was suddenly drawn to the scarf in Morgan’s. hands. In
an instant, a surge of anger filled the air.

To his shock, the scarf bore the initial Jo.

Morgan sensed a subtle change in the atmosphere and paused in his movement. “Do you also. happen
to fancy this scarf, Mr. Russell? I’m sorry, but I can’t give it to you. It was a gift from an old friend.”

The two men locked eyes from afar, their mutual animosity tangible.

“Not at all. I don’t fancy outdated things-I only appreciate what’s current.”

Morgan turned and walked away, “Well, old things have their own charm.”

Meanwhile, Josie’s scalp tingled as Larry briefed her on the situation.

Dexter had brought her to this event to showcase her status. Still, she unknowingly caused a
catastrophic disaster for Russell Group.

It was her fault. She shouldn’t have let Morgan get to her.

Now, the resulting public pressure would all fall on Dexter.

Josie pushed open the door and strutted into the CEO’s office.

The room was dimly lit, with a lingering scent of cigarettes. Dexter stood silhouetted against. the light,
emanating a commanding presence.

Between his slender fingertips, a hint of crimson lingered.

Josie approached him silently on the plush carpet. Dexter wasn’t surprised by her visit.

She murmured apologetically, “I’m sorry, Dex. I didn’t know the unintended consequences of my
actions would be so significant.”

She had no intention of aiding Morgan in any manner. Her primary goal was to alleviate. potential
burdens on Dexter in the near future.


However, she failed to consider one critical factor. With countless unscrupulous media outlets

present at the event, even the slightest detail or action could capture their interest and be magnified.

Little did she know, her slight mishap had given Morgan a chance to strike, inflicting a fatal blow to
Dexter and Russell Group.

Dexter’s silence lingered, extending the tension in the air. He took a final drag of his cigarette, stubbing
it out before finally meeting her gaze.

“Did you, for a moment, feel sorry for Morgan?”

Conflicting emotions surged within Josie, and a twinge of fear flickered in her eyes.

“No, I didn’t… Why would I feel sorry for him? I don’t even know him.”

Josie quickly brushed off his probing question, assuming Dexter hadn’t uncovered Morgan’s true
identity and their scandalous relationship in the past.

But the next instant, she was pressed against the floor-to-ceiling window.

Pinning Josie’s wrists above her head, Dexter’s voice was cold and biting as he reproached, “You don’t
know him? I saw the letters Jo’ embroidered on his scarf. Do you not recognize it?”

Josie winced, feeling the pain in her wrists. “Dex…”

What scarf? She couldn’t recall anything about it.

To prevent the news of Josie’s unexpected plea for mercy on Morgan’s behalf during the recent
negotiation from spreading to the public, Dexter instructed Larry to provide monetary compensation to
all media outlets to ensure their silence.

He instructed them to title it as ‘Dexter Russell and wife lovingly show up at an official event. That alone
should suffice to give the media what they wanted.

Otherwise, it would become fodder for gossip.

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