That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 602

Don’t Bring Up the Past

Josie calmed down and rubbed her eyes, looking like the young girl she was in the older, Professor

Professor Mowry shooed Dexter away. “You can leave. I want to talk to Jo alone.”

Dexter glanced at Josic, asking if she was alright with it.

Josie silently agreed.

past. “You’ve gotten

Professor Mowry asked tentatively, “Does Dexter treat you well? If he doesn’t, tell me. I’ll take care of
him. for you. After all, I’m still friends with his professor.”

Josie shook her head. “Don’t worry. He treats me quite well, Professor Mowry”

Professor Mowry sighed. “I’m quite surprised that you’re together. I thought you would end up with that

Josie forced a smile. “It was a disastrous relationship. Some people can’t stay together. I’ve long


Professor Mowry saw the changes in her. She felt terrible for Josie and didn’t say a word anymore.

They talked for a long time, and poor Dexter had to wait outside.

His face was captivating, and he was quickly recognized. At that moment, many visitors to the school
immediately recognized him.

“Dexter Russell? Why is Dexter Russell here?”

“Ah, oh my god. This is amazing.

“Huh? Who is he?”

“Isn’t he handsome? Isn’t he?! He’s still considered alumni even if he transferred overseas after
studying at Wavery University for a year.”

“Quickly take a picture.”

In a few hours, these pictures were uploaded on social media and caused a commotion. ‘Dexter
Russell seen at Wavery University’s anniversary.

In the pictures, he was holding a coat in his hands. He had an impressive demeanor as he leaned
against the wall in a white shirt.

But this wasn’t important.

Professor Mowry felt that Josie had become too quiet. Although Josie’s eyes seemed warm and gentle,
it felt like she was hiding something. Josie was so silent that it terrified Professor Mowry.

She thought Josie resembled the man outside the door when she thought about it.

Josie took the initiative to break the silence. “Professor Mowry, has Morgan come back in these years?”

Professor Mowry was surprised Josie asked on her own accord. She shook her head. “No. Just like

Josie laughed lightly. “What’s between us has long passed. Nothing will change in the future. Professor
Mowry, I love Dexter a lot now. I hope you won’t bring up the past before him.”

“… I understand.”

The conversation ended.

When Dexter saw Josie again, she had a relaxed expression. He breathed a sigh of relief and led her

to the car.

Because Dexter had been recognized, the university corridors were filled with people. Many who
wanted to witness Dexter’s good looks were gathered.

In a corner far away, a man stood silently against a tree. His cold gaze watched as Dexter’s car slowly
left his line of sight.

Dexter kept holding Josie’s hand as if he had decided to never let go.

Josie suddenly thought of something that had happened long ago as she looked at the school’s

outside the window.

In winter many years ago, Wavery was snowing, which was rare. At the time, Professor Mowry had just
found out about Josie’s relationship with Morgan as she walked with Josie in the snow.

Professor Mowry suddenly asked her, “Do you really like that fellow?”

Not a sound was heard. Snowflakes were floating aimlessly in the air, like the uncertainties of life.

Josie covered her flushed cheeks. She didn’t know if it was because of the cold or if she was shy.

Her answer was loud and clear. “Yes. Very much.”

A long time had passed since then.

Dexter saw she was distracted, as though she had much on her mind. He suddenly thought of
something. “There aren’t many people here. Take me around?”

Josie froze. “For what?”

“To tour your school.”

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