That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 615

No Privacy

Josie’s response wasn’t one of anger. Exuding an air of authority, she calmly retorted, “Those are all
childhood memories and things of the past. Mrs. Carter, don’t you think it’s disrespectful to your
husband to bring it up again?”

Josie’s gaze locked with Summer’s, their eyes entangled as if invisible threads held them.

Summer’s lips curved into a cynical smile as she stared at Josie.

“Josic, you may have perfected the art of playing Dex to your advantage, but…”

Confused, Josie interjected, “Mrs. Carter, you’re using the wrong terminology. What does winning or
losing have to do with me? The union between the Olsen and Carter families was decided without my
involvement. I have no part in it, remember?”

As the waiter brought the coffee, Josie accepted and stirred it with a spoon absentmindedly.

“If you’re not happy marrying Mr. Carter, perhaps you should express your discontent to your parents
and the Carters instead of directing your anger towards me.”

Meanwhile, the gentle winter afternoon sun cast a warm and tender glow on Josie.

“Did you happen to see today’s headline in Wavery? It claims that ‘Mrs. Russell betrayed during the
negotiation, causing substantial losses for Russell Group”,” Summer remarked, placing one hand on
the seat and gently massaging her temple, “Is it true?”

Josie pressed her lips together.

Dexter was right. Being Mrs. Russell meant having every move scrutinized and exposed to the public
eye, necessitating caution and vigilance.

Josie cleverly digressed to another topic, “It’s interesting how quickly Mrs. Carter got wind of the news,

She was cognizant that Larry had kept a lid on the incident from leaking out.

“In addition to being Mrs. Carter, I also happen to be the future heir of the Olsen Group.”

Before taking the helm at the Olsen Group, Summer had a background in finance and had fostered
connections throughout the industry, making it a breeze for her to gather


Asserting her position as the heir of a corporation, Summer aimed to intimidate Josie with her
superiority and capabilities.

However, the latter was unfazed.

“As far as I know, this news hasn’t reached the public yet. Your attempt to mock me seems. premature,
don’t you think?”

Summer raised an eyebrow, contemplating the idea of leaking the information.

“True, it may not have caused a huge stir yet, but what if I let it slip?”

As Josie savored her coffee, she crinkled her nose in response to its excessive sweetness.

“If you really had the guts, you wouldn’t have invited me here under false.

Josie had a keen understanding of Summer’s motives.


“Before you showed up, I had no intention of doing so. But now that you’re here, I do.” Summer
smirked cynically.

“There’s a rumor claiming the man who betrayed you during the negotiation meeting is none other than
Morgan Bastille, the heir of the Bastille family in Rivodia. Interestingly enough, he also happens to be
your ex from university.”

Summer’s words sent a shock through Josie’s system. How did the word of her private matters get out
so swiftly?

Josie would have been able to tackle the situation if it were just Dexter who knew. But now, even
Summer had found out. Goodness gracious! Was there no privacy left?

Josie forced herself to swallow the sickeningly sweet coffee. “So what?”

“Does Dexter know about this?”

Josie remained silent.

“Ah, he knew,” Summer feigned naivety.

“What perfect timing for Morgan to make his entrance, huh?” she smirked.

“Sure, but what does that have to do with me?” Josie responded nonchalantly.

Even though Summer had found out about their connection, the revelation did not faze her in the

So what?

“Mrs. Russell certainly knows how to work her charm,” Summer said, a hint of intrigue in her smile.
“Let’s see what unfolds in the future.”

patig of unease. Is this why you asked me out? Frankly, I have no interest in getting caught up in your

With those words, Josie stood up, but before turning around, she noticed a figure in the


Clad in a sheepskin vest, the man stood tall with an air of elegance that commanded.


Arnold nodded politely to the other ladies before making his way toward Josie.

He approached as he greeted, “Hello, Mrs. Russell.”

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