That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 604

No Longer Matters

Dexter enjoyed hearing the words ‘my husband.

He extended his hand. “Hello, Nancy.”

Nancy’s gaze became very thoughtful as she looked closely at the two. “What a perfect couple you are,
Mr. and Mrs. Russell. You’re the envy of everyone as you stroll on the school grounds together.”

Nancy had found out earlier that Josie was married, but she didn’t know who Josie’s husband was.
Now, she had found out through the trending searches, but it was different to see them personally.
Dexter had at more imposing demeanor than in the pictures.

Josie was joyful, but her heart was suspended mid-air, and her smile was unnatural. “Nancy, when did
yout return to Wavery? Let’s go out for a meal. My treat.”

“Your treat? Won’t you join us, Mr. Russell?”

Dexter nodded. “Since you’re Jo’s friend, I’ll naturally join if invited.”

Nancy raised her brows and smiled sweetly at Josie. Nancy was hinting, what a great honor.

“I came back yesterday. I wanted to look for you but thought you would be busy, so I didn’t disturb you.”

Josie frowned. “How can that be?”

Dexter released Josie’s hand and stepped to the side a little. “Go ahead. I’ll wait for you in the car.”

Josie didn’t answer, and Nancy hugged her arm. “Aren’t you afraid I’ll take your wife away, Mr.

Dexter smiled lightly. “She’ll return on her own.”

There was absolute trust in his expression.

Josie looked away after the man got into the car, and Nancy finally showed signs of nervousness.
“Does he really treat you well?”

Josie was exasperated. “Why does everyone like to ask me this?”

The two slowly walked side by side at the lakeside. Nancy said, “I didn’t come alone today.”

Josie’s footsteps froze slightly. As they looked at each other, Josie understood what Nancy meant.

“He’s here today. Do you want to see him?”

The two had gotten to know each other because of Morgan. Nancy was his ex-girlfriend. After Morgan
went overseas, he lost contact with everyone in the country. Meanwhile, the two women got closer.

Josie looked away. “I’ve seen him. There’s no need to meet again.

“I’m over it, but I don’t know how you feel.”

Josie was frustrated. “Do I look like I’m still not over him? I’ve already moved on when he decided to


Nancy furrowed her brows. “But from what I know, Morgan’s mother came looking for you back then.

broke up partly because of her intervention.”

“If two people love each other, do these obstacles even matter? I can only say certain people weren’t
determined enough.”

“What if…. he had his reasons at the time?”

Josie looked at her and answered thoughtfully, “Nancy, all this no longer matters.”

Nancy was dumbstruck.

When Josie returned to the car, Dexter was working on his laptop. He held her hands. “Are you cold?”

Josie’s heart was suspended in mid-air. It only relaxed when she saw him. She shook her head. “Are
we returning to Mason Garden?”

“I just received news that I must attend a meeting at Russell Group. Should I ask Moses to send you


Josie shook her head. “No need. I’ll come with you.”

Dexter’s lips curved. “Alright.”

He handed her a stack of information. “We still have fifteen minutes. Look at as much information as
you can. Just get a rough idea of it.”

Josie flipped through it casually. The papers were densely filled with numbers. Even reading them
would be tough, let alone getting a rough idea.

“Am I attending too?”

Dexter had received a few calls from Larry on his cell phone.

“What do you think about being my assistant?” He raised his brows.


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