That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 612

Your Love Terrifies Me

Morgan lightly tapped his fingers on the steering wheel. “After all these years, I’ve come to realize that
my feelings for you are more determined and profound than any I’ve experienced with other women.
Will you please consider giving me another chance?”

Unlike Dexter, whose possessiveness and need for control prevented any space for others to bond with
Josie, Morgan’s attitude bore more flexibility. He was open to the possibility of Josie being with
someone else while patiently waiting for her to change her mind.

However, at that moment. Josie found herself unable to respond.

Meanwhile, Morgan remained composed, sharing his thoughts without succumbing to anxiety.

“Did I scare you? I apologize if I did,” Morgan said, his tone laced with genuine concern.

Josie shook her head, a hint of frustration mingling with her laughter. “Tell me, what is it about me that
you like?”

She couldn’t believe the man who had once walked away from her could still hold love in his heart.

Morgan tapped the steering wheel again, deep in thought for a moment. I’m drawn to your purity”

“My purity?”

Josie’s lips curved into a cold sneer. “My purity? Unfortunately, that ship sailed long ago. The Josie
standing before you is a woman driven by material gain, willing to trade in her marriage for it.”

Morgan’s gaze locked onto hers. “That’s not true.

“Are you sure? Let me enlighten you. After you left, my father suffered a severe car accident. I
endured. hardships to make ends meet: I’m no longer the naive girl who only fantasized about love.
Nobody can fool me anymore. Especially you of all people!”

As Josie uttered those words, fueled by anger and pain, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of
satisfaction when she saw the helpless expression on Morgan’s face.

“I’m not worthy of your love. Let alone being someone else’s wife, if I were single, I still wouldn’t choose
to be with you.

With those words, Josie decisively severed and crushed any budding affection from Morgan.

Morgan’s expression changed, taken aback by her blunt rejection.

“Am I not on the same level as him? The Bastille family’s wealth can match that of the Russells! If I
wanted to, Dexter would pale in comparison if I took control of the Bastille Group! It’s funny how Dexter
Russell, known for his competence, had to rely on you to salvage his business!”

“Yes! You’re intelligent and remarkable. It’s precisely because of these qualities that I feel undeserving
of you,” Josie’s voice rose in response.

“Then why did you choose Dexter?”

Morgan couldn’t fathom why Josie chose Dexter over him, considering that Dexter was not the person
that society had largely heralded as outstanding.

Josie took a deep breath inside the car, her emotions swirling in the confined space.

“I’m not that exceptional, and neither is he. But no matter how much he hurts me, he will never
abandon. me. Morgan, your love terrifies me. Even if Dexter isn’t perfect, I still wish him well.”

Ironically through their conversation, Josie had come to terms with the intense and potentially
scandalous. incident from the previous night at Dexter’s office.

All Josie could recall were Dexter’s awkwardness, cunningness, brutality, and childishness.

He had flaws, but she knew all his dark qualities stemmed from his deep concern and love for her.

Morgan narrowed his eyes and asked, “Can you see yourself with him forever?”

Forever? Josie laughed sarcastically, avoiding a direct answer to the question.

“I don’t want to keep you around, Morgan. I’m not a good person and not worthy of your time and

Morgan quickly responded, “I don’t believe that.”

“Many people out there think poorly of me.”

“But I knew you before all the rumors and gossip.”

Morgan’s response was swift, catching Josie slightly off guard.

“Go back and get some rest. I didn’t come here today to burden you with my love confession.”

Morgan had no intention of giving up. He proceeded to unlock the car’s central control, ready to
embark on his journey.

Today, he opted for a more relaxed attire, dressed casually compared to the formal attire he wore
yesterday. His demeanor exuded a sense of steadfastriess and unwavering determination as he
basked in the soft morning light.

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