That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 614

Mrs Carter

As Dexter exited Yanis’ office, he abruptly asserted, “Josie will forever be Mrs. Russell, and no one can
deny it! No one should ever think about challenging her status!”

His words carried an air of determination and authority.

Consumed with anger, Yanis grabbed his cane and seemed ready to hurl it at Dexter.

Dexter glanced over his shoulder, seemingly unfazed by Yanis’ fury. “Uncle, there’s only one thing I
won’t compromise-my claim on this woman. She’s mine.”

“People should learn to mind their own business and keep their envy in check,” Dexter enunciated
gravely before exiting.

As Dexter walked away, clanging and shattering noises echoed inside the room.

In Mason Garden, Josie received a call from Mrs. Langman.

“Would you like to join me for an afternoon tea at Viva la Rivodia?” she asked straightforwardly.

Josie hesitated momentarily before inquiring, “Who else will be there?”

“What do you think?” The fact that Mrs. Langman initiated the invitation meant that the person in
question held considerable status.

“Get the car ready. I’m heading out. “Josie stated, her hair still slightly damp and partially tied after the



The servant appeared perplexed. “But didn’t you just get home, Mrs. Russell?”

Josie draped a smoky gray coat over her shoulders, exuding a subtle air of coolness, as she stood
before the mirror to assess her appearance.

Irrespective of the circumstances, an air of competition and rivalry loomed.

The afternoon tea was scheduled on the top floor of Viva la Rivodia, in a café named Sky Palace,
which was renowned among socialites and ladies seeking an elegant afternoon tea experience.

Sitting gracefully by the window, Summer wore a shawl and radiated the essence of a refined lady with
her poised posture.

She was surrounded by a group of women trying to butter her up, but Summer brushed them off with at
dismissive response.

Only when Josie approached closer did she finally notice Summer wearing a mask, revealing only a
pair of captivating eyes.

Summer sneered upon seeing Josie. “Mrs. Russell, you’re fashionably late.”

Josie chuckled softly, “Well, it seems Mrs. Carter beat me to it.”

The waiter came over, inquiring about Josie’s choice of beverage. “A caramel macchiato with seventy
percent sugar, please.”

Summer stared at her coldly. “You seem remarkably calm.”

Contrary to her expectations, Josie showed no signs of weariness or aggression.

She even managed to curl the corners of her mouth ever so slightly. “It’s an honor to be personally
invited by Mrs. Carter.”

The afternoon sun enveloped the two women in its warm embrace as they sat face to face.

Summer’s grip on Josie’s hand tightened, bracing herself for the conversation she dreaded.

Josie calmly placed her hand on the table and urged, “Just say whatever is on your mind.” Summer
removed her mask, revealing a fatigued expression that surprised Josie. Her pale complexion betrayed
the toll of countless affairs.

Unexpectedly, Summer’s tone softened as she began, “Josic, I had a dream last night.”

“I had this dream where I went back to the time before I turned eighteen when it was just me and Dex,
and no other girls could come close to him. On one of his birthdays, when our families were celebrating
with him, my mom asked if he wanted little Summer to marry little Dex, Summer shared, lost in

Hearing about their past again, Josie didn’t react as fervently as usual. Her expression remained

as if numb to it all.

Summer fixed her gaze on Josie, her lips curling into a knowing smile, leaving Josie in suspense. “Do
you know what he said then?”

It was Mark who intervened. He dismissed that unfitting question for the occasion, “Our approval
doesn’t really matter, does it? It all comes down to whether Dex is willing. He’s always had a mind of
his own.”

Just then, the young Dexter nonchalantly chimed in. “Why not?”

Reminiscing the innocent snippet of childhood, Summer blushed, “But I was just a little girl back then.”

Unbeknownst to Dexter, his casual consent to marry her had left an indelible imprint on Summer’s

Dexter’s casual agreement to marry her became a cornerstone sustaining her throughout the years.

But then, when Josie came around, those once meaningful words had lost their significance and faded


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