That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 616

It’s You Again

He rarely addressed her as Mrs. Russell.

Josie locked eyes with Arnold, feeling estranged after they hadn’t seen each other for so long, “Mr.
Carter came to pick up your wife, huh?”

Arnold lifted his gaze and looked beyond her to Summer, who was lounging in the background,
observing his interaction with Josie with a cryptic look.

“Andy, please send Mrs. Carter home,” Arnold ordered.

Summer’s smile deepened. “Are you done with your work?”

“Yeah, just came down from the meeting. It’s so cold. Why didn’t you layer up?” Arnold. approached
and wrapped the scarf he was holding around Summer’s neck.

“Oh? I didn’t feel cold at all talking with Mrs. Russell. See you at home.” Summer said with a smile,
then walked over to Andy.

“See you at home.”

“Drive safely,” Arnold reminded Andy..

The two of them left together, and only then did Josie divert her

“I suppose I should see myself out now.”


“I heard about what happened yesterday,” Arnold said abruptly, “are you okay?”

He wore an unexpectedly serious expression, catching Josie off guard. “Absolutely. Being his wife, I
don’t think he would be too hard on me.”

Her defense of Dexter was evident, but Arnold couldn’t help but scoff. “I heard he recently had an
incident with a young female worker at Heaven on Earth, but surprisingly, he let her off the hook.”

Josie arched her eyebrows, trying to comprehend the meaning behind Arnold’s words. She was
confused about who he was referring to, and his intentions remained unclear.

“You know, you’re partly responsible for this mess, Josie remarked, subtly blaming Arnold.

Arnold’s eyebrow shot up, surprised by her statement.

“She’s your assistant. Her misconduct and questionable character are your responsibility. Otherwise,
we wouldn’t be dealing with this chaos. So, yes, I am holding you accountable!”

Josie asserted, her voice tinged with a hint of resentment.

It dawned on him that Josie was fully aware of everything, including Heather’s existence.

He let out a soft chuckle, his hand resting casually on the side. “Looks like Dexter has been an open
book with you.”

Just as Josie was about to continue speaking, their attention was diverted by shattering glass and
ensuing commotion from outside.

They exchanged glances and walked out together, joining a crowd that had already gathered. Summer
could be seen forcefully pushing a woman to the ground, spilling coffee all over.

Summer’s anger was palpable as she huffed, “Can’t you watch where you’re going? Are your eyes just
for display? If you don’t need them, maybe someone else does!”

The woman on the ground kept her head down, biting her lip, appearing distressed and hesitant to
speak up. “I’m sorry, it was an accident. I’m willing to pay for the clothes I ruined.”

Summer sneered upon hearing those words.

Andy stood awkwardly to the side, exchanging a glance with Arnold. “Um, this… lady accidentally
bumped into Mrs. Carter.”

“Heather?” Arnold’s eyes widen in alarm, his voice filled with surprise.

Josie’s attention shifted, and she realized that the woman on the ground was Heather-the same person
she had encountered before.

How did she end up here?

Summer raised an eyebrow upon hearing the name. “Oh, it’s you again. I should’ve known I’d run into
trouble with someone like you.”

Heather trembled slightly. “Ms. Olsen, I’m deeply sorry for the inconvenience. I’m willing to compensate
for any damages caused, including the cost of the clothes.”

“The compensation doesn’t bother me,” Summer raised her voice, her tone filled with


“It’s your conduct that does. Consider this a lesson for your own benefit.”

Heather was at a loss for words.

Looking at the teeming crowd, Heather felt increasingly humiliated.

Arnold stepped forward, placing himself between Summer and Heather. “That’s enough.

There’s no need to stoop to her level. We have a meeting to attend, remember?”

“Arnold,” Summer teased, a mischievous glint in her eyes, “are you sympathizing with her now? I heard
she used to be your assistant.”

Heather’s expression turned sour at the mention of her past connection with Arnold. “Mr. Carter, I can
handle this on my own.”

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