That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 593

Insulting Words

Xenia took a deep breath and asked, “Is he your sugar daddy?”

There were many people in the ward. Everyone was stunned to hear Xenia say such words blatantly.

Although Josie had never regarded her relationship with Dexter as such, she answered, “Yes.”

Her casual reply shocked everyone.

Xenia widened her eyes, gleeful that Josie confirmed her speculation. She could not understand why
Dexter would like someone like Josic, prompting her eyes to redden with jealousy.

Josie replied calmly. “If not for him, I would have been exploited in this cut-throat industry. It’s the same
for you, right?”

Josie’s words angered Xenia. She pointed at Josie and scolded furiously, “Me? I’m not sleazy like you.
Arnold and I were in a proper relationship. It’s pitiful that you’re still unknown despite being in the
industry for so long. Who knows how many men you slept with? You’re nothing but a sl*t!”

She had gone overboard and did not bother to hide her hatred for Josic.

Josie’s servant tried to defend her. “How dare you!”

However, Josie stopped her. Although angry about the slander, she did not want to fight Xenia publicly.
Thus, she said, “Get out.”

Xenia’s hand shook. She turned around to leave but stopped suddenly.

The crowd blocked the door and would not move.

A tall, handsome man stood before Josie, surrounded by an intimidating aura. He looked at her with a
sharp gaze that seemed to pierce her soul.

Xenia had no idea how much he had heard.

Her mind went blank. She looked at Dexter and stuttered nervously, “Mr… Mr. Russell…”

Dexter did not respond.

Moses was behind Dexter. He understood Dexter’s silent instruction and stood before him. Then, he
smiled warmly and asked. “Did you say those words just now?”

Xenia had a bad premonition and argued instinctively, “… It was Josie who insulted me first.”

Moses nodded. “But that’s not what I heard.”

He indicated to Xenia and the crowd to scram, but Xenia froze and did not get it at all. She looked at
Dexter’s cold expression and had a sudden idea. Thus, she ignored Moses and flattered, “What a
coincidence. I didn’t expect to see you here, Mr. Russell. I never intended to say those words, but Mrs.
Russell said you’re her sugar daddy…”

She thought Dexter would not be angry if she said this.

Dexter behaved as if he did not hear her and unbuttoned his cuffs slowly.

Moses smiled.

The next moment, a pair of hands grabbed Xenia and forcefully turned her around before slapping her

The crowd trembled with fear. No one had ever witnessed such a blatant show of force in public.

Josie pushed through the crowd and saw Xenia fall to the floor, trembling profusely. She looked up and
saw Moses waving his hand, itching to slap her again.

He pinched her cheek and threatened. “Those who witnessed what they shouldn’t would be blinded,
and those who hear what they shouldn’t would lose their cars. What about those who slander…”

Xenia widened her eyes with terror.

Moses asked slowly. “What do you think will happen?”

Despite the commotion, they were in a hospital, yet no doctor could be found.

Josie did not like how things were heading and grabbed Moses’ arm to stop him. “Moses!”

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