That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 589

Nothing Can Happen to Her

Josie kept dreaming in her sleep. She dreamed about Dexter being in bed with an unknown woman.
He cuddled the woman and said she was the one he loved the most.

The sight brought her to her knees. She burst into tears and begged him not to do this to her.

However, Dexter did not understand why she cried. He looked at her with confusion and disdain. It was
his disdainful expression that finally shattered her resolve.

It was late. Dexter sat quietly in the study, staring at the computer screen. The high-end surveillance
system showed high-definition footage of Josie’s sleeping face. He had been watching it for a few

Although he said he would keep her under house arrest, it was only for tonight. He planned to let her
go the next day.

Suddenly, Dexter noticed something off about Josie. Her face was flushed, and she appeared
miserable as she tossed and turned on the bed.

His expression changed when he sensed something was wrong.

He stood up immediately and left the study.

Larry and the maid were standing right outside.

The maid insisted on seeing Dexter. Since he refused, she stubbornly stood outside the study. Larry
feared she would cause problems and had no choice but to guard the study. The two had been glaring
at each other for some time.

Seeing Dexter leaving the study, they called in unison, “Mr. Russell.”

Dexter did not acknowledge them but walked away toward Josie’s room.

He soon reached the door and held the handle. The coldness of the metal door handle prompted him to

A hint of concern appeared on his stern expression. Before entering, he turned the door handle and
ordered Larry, “Turn off all the signal blockers and call Anderson to come here!”

Then, he proceeded to Josie’s bed and found her flushed and weak. She looked as if she was dying.

Dexter carried her and heard her mumbling hoarsely in her dreams. He touched her forehead and was
shocked by how hot it was.

Panic appeared on his face, “Jo!”

But Josie did not wake up. Her body was worryingly flushed.

In less than ten minutes, Larry entered the room and said, “Mr. Russell, Dr. Monte is in the middle of
surgery. I’m afraid he can’t come here any time soon.”

Hearing him, Dexter immediately carried Josie in his arms and rushed outside. “Make an appointment.
with the best hospital in the city and get the car ready!”

Larry immediately followed Dexter. The maid was stunned briefly before following them.

The scene was chaotic.

The hospital readily accepted Dexter’s request. Once Dexter’s car arrived, the hospital director came
out to receive them. He brought the best doctor in the hospital with him.

They saw the unconscious Josie in Dexter’s arms and knew they were up for a considerable challenge.
With how intimidating Dexter was, they knew they would be in severe trouble if they failed to cure
Josie. Dexter handed Josie over to the doctor and instructed firmly, “Nothing can happen to her.”

That added stress to the already nervous medical staff.

They rushed Josie to the emergency room. No outsiders were allowed in, no matter their prominence.
Thus, Dexter had to wait outside.

Although the hospital director was a man in his fifties, he could not help bit shudder as he saw
Dexter’s. expression. Dexter appeared cold and intimidating as he stood with his hands behind him.
His brow remained tense throughout. Thus, the hospital director knew that Josie mattered to him

He considered telling Dexter that Josie only had a fever.

However, Dexter turned to the hospital director with a stern gaze. “You should go and make sure that
your staff is doing their best to cure her.”

The hospital director answered awkwardly, “Yes, Mr. Russell.”

Only Larry noticed that Dexter’s hands were trembling behind him.

Larry worked for Dexter for many years and experienced bloody, cruel, and dangerous situations with
him. He had never seen Dexter’s weak side.

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