That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 621

Dexter’s Effort

Larry and Andy arrived after a while. “Are you okay, Mrs. Russell?” they asked concernedly.

Josie brushed away the snow on Dexter’s head and replied, “I’m fine. I’ll recover in no time.”

Dexter knelt calmly on the ground, peering up at Josie with kind eyes. “Are you hungry?” he asked.

Josie rubbed her stomach, which was rumbling with hunger. “Yes, I’m famished from playing the whole
morning,” she answered.

“Let’s grab some food then.”

Dexter supported Josie as they made their way through the extravagant hotel with its five- star
restaurant. This was a popular destination for the wealthy, who would come to ski and enjoy the
luxurious amenities.

Josie had a fulfilling day.

As they lay side by side on the bed, Dexter had a sudden thought. “It’s the end of the year, and our
branch executives will have a final debriefing at Wavery. You should come with me to welcome them,”
he suggested.

Josie’s eyes widened in surprise. “This involves the Russell Group’s internal matters. I don’t think it
would be appropriate to have me there.”

“You’re my wife. How is it not appropriate?” Dexter caressed her hair. “It’s alright. Think of it. as a
chance for you to get to know them better. After all, you’ll be seeing them more often.”

Josie’s heart was racing, but his words helped to slow it down. She nodded in assent to his request,
her eyes still filled with worry.

Dexter assured Josie that she didn’t need to worry about the event. All she had to do was be there.

They welcomed the executives from the airport.

Josie greeted each of them politely, in which she was addressed as “Mrs. Russell” when they greeted
her respectfully in return.

Although they knew of her, Dexter had never introduced them to her personally before. They knew that
if he were willing to do so, it would be because he was determined to make Josie the heart and soul of
the Russell family.

Hence, it was clear that they would treat Josie respectfully.

Wever, Josie didn’t seem to understand the implications of her presence at such an event.

He asked her nonchalantly, “Do you know who these people are?”

Josie had no information whatsoever about their identities. Her eyes widened in confusion as she
shrugged bemusedly.

They were the Russell Group’s best-skilled leaders, with expertise across each department, and were
at the helm of the company’s operations. They were the ones shaping the future of the Russell Group.

The media wouldn’t have to worry about the contents for their news outlets over the next week if
Josie’s meeting with the executives were known to them.

Dexter smiled at her without saying a word.

Dexter had meticulously planned their stay at a luxurious hot spring villa by a beach. Josie finally
understood why he had told her not to get worried.

When they reached the villa, Josie noticed that Summer was also present. She was dressed in shorts,
even though it was the dead of winter. She waited for them in the lavishly decorated villa, her poise and
charisma undeniable. “Dex, you guys have finally arrived,” she said. “I had a business meeting here
and heard the news about the Russell Group’s people coming over, so I decided to wait here.”

She flicked her eyes to Josie and offered a brief blink of acknowledgment.

Josie felt that Summer’s actions were deliberately provocative. She could tell that Summer was up to
something, and she felt her blood start to boil. Why is Summer here?

Fortunately, Dexter immediately noticed her sudden change in mood. “You’re here working barely days
after your wedding. I take it Arnold isn’t treating you well,” he commented with at wry smile.

Summer’s smile faltered.

He was establishing a clear boundary with her.

Dexter’s direct statement hinted to the executives, especially his wife, that he had nothing. going on
with Summer. Everyone around there understood the underlying meaning of his words.

Josie was secretly pleased as Dexter spoke sternly, almost as if he was warning her not to overstep
her boundaries.

Summer reined in her frustrations and suggested coolly, “Arnold is here as well. We shall meet up for
tea another day.”

Dexter’s hand was warm in Josie’s as they walked towards the room in the mountain. The room itself
was a feast for the senses, with its rustic furniture and bubbling hot spring pools, their steam rising like
wisps of fog.

Josie was extremely pleased with the room. “It’s so comfortable.”

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