That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 610

Waiting All Night

Dexter wrapped his arms around her, offering reassurance in his gentle voice, “I lied. This tinted floor-
to-ceiling window is custom-made in London. We can see outside while. maintaining our privacy. It’s all
good now. Don’t worry, okay?”

Feeling Josie’s trembling body, intense remorse immediately washed over him.

Josie leaned against Dexter listlessly and scolded him. “You were so close to…”

He had nearly treated her as a mere outlet for his sexual desires, like a disposable object to be used
without a second thought!

Now back to his composed self, Dexter smoothed her hair and sternly warned, “If you behave and do
as I say, I won’t embarrass you again.”

After a long pause, Josie looked up. “Let’s forget about the past. Neither of us should bring it up again,

“Alright,” Dexter agreed, carrying her into his private lounge. Take a rest here.”

Josie kept her eyes closed the entire time.

Dexter made space for her and turned away, but his eyes reflected a sense of gloom as het angrily
flicked his lighter on his desk. D

After a brief pause, he dialed a number on his phone. “Look into the Bastille family and get back to me.”

Larry, who was just outside his office, wondered why Dexter didn’t call him in and instead. opted for a
phone call.

“Sure thing. I’ll get right on it.”

Rubbing his temples, Dexter couldn’t shake off the image of Morgan wearing the scarf that Josie had
knitted. His anger still simmered within him.

In frustration, he kicked the chair, creating a loud noise in the room.

Josie mustered her strength and reached for her phone on the floor. It had accidentally fallen during her
heated exchange with Dexter, resulting in a shattered screen.

Fortunately, it still functioned.

Sitting on the floor, wrapped in a blanket, she typed a message on her phone, ‘Hey, Laura, can you
help me arrange a meeting with Dr. Lu? I need to talk to him.

Looking up, she couldn’t help but feel small under the vast night sky that stretched endlessly above the

Josie spent the entire night in Dexter’s private lounge. When she emerged, Dexter was nowhere to be
found. Larry had prepared fresh clothes and a delightful breakfast waiting for her. “Good morning, Mrs.
Russell. Mr. Russell wanted me to remind you to have breakfast after you change.”

Josie glanced at the clothes briefly and replied, “Sure.”

The clothes fit perfectly, accentuating her figure. Josie let her hair down, partially concealing the
bruises of his love bites.

Larry silently marveled at Josie’s beauty, which was enchanting yet unassuming, emanating a natural
charm. No matter how often he saw her, he couldn’t help but think Josie was truly stunning.

When she and Dexter stood together, they looked like the epitome of a perfect couple!

Josie exited the Russell Group building and strolled a short distance when she suddenly heard a honk
from a sleek black Porsche, startling her.

Morgan’s familiar face emerged as the window gradually rolled down, sporting his trademark gold-
rimmed glasses. With one hand casually resting on the steering wheel, he greeted her with a simple,
“Hey, Josie.”

Josie froze in place, meeting his gaze head-on.

In her eyes, a flicker of fatigue replaced the anticipated excitement of a long-awaited


“How long have you been waiting for me here?” she asked.

Josie settled into the passenger seat and noticed a breakfast container beside her, knowing it was
intended for her.

“I’ve been waiting for you all night,” Morgan spoke with a monotone voice, masking the deep.
melancholy that had engulfed him as he anxiously anticipated their previous night’s reunion.

Josie hesitated briefly, avoiding direct eye contact with him. C)

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