That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 629

Your Ex Wasn’t Responsible

“You’ve already won in life, so you can say whatever nonsense you want,” the woman huffed,
expressing her reluctance to accept Josie’s explanation. “You used all kinds of petty tricks to win
Dexter’s heart. None of us here are lacking in terms of physical appearance. The only thing that helped
you get the title of Mrs. Russell is your luck.

Her words exposed her immaturity and envy towards Josie, leaving her baffled and flustered. She
couldn’t hold in her laughter in the end.

“Why are you laughing?”

She laughed because she knew Dexter didn’t care about


“What you say about me doesn’t reflect who I truly am. They only reflect your character and your lack
of class,” Josie chuckled at the end of her sentence. She didn’t want to explain any further.

Josie left the pantry with her cup of warm water. She had grown more resilient to the opinions of others.

She didn’t let their opinions get to her.

“You’re such a bigmouth! Don’t you have anything better to do?” Larry finally went into the pantry to
reprimand them after Josie left.

“Mr. Peeple…”

The meeting continued for another four hours after lunch. Josie’s meeting minutes were well-written
and free of errors.

Seeing that Yanis wasn’t in the meeting room, Josie secretly texted Dexter. He replied, ‘Do you check
your textbook after a test?’

Yanis wouldn’t be here to tolerate any further insults after losing face earlier.

Josie’s breath caught in her throat when she saw the message. She replied, ‘I actually do.”

After a short while, he sent another message, ‘I really can’t tell.”

Their conversation ended there.

The meeting finally ended in the evening, but they would have to continue their discussions for the next
two days due to the complexity of the issues related to their management.

After following him around all day, Josie realized how busy and tiring Dexter’s schedule was.

Larry looked through her meeting minutes when they arrived at Dexter’s office. “Mrs. Russell, you’re
really talented. Our secretaries could use some training from you.”

“You’re flattering me.”

Dexter signaled for Larry to hand him the meeting minutes. As Larry passed them over, he continued to
praise Josic. “I’m only speaking the truth,” he said. “Why don’t you return to work with the Russell
Group? I believe this is where you belong.”

He was laying it on a bit thick with his compliments. Josie couldn’t help but smile as she replied, “I still
prefer designing.”

She needed to hand in her drafts for the partnered project with the Carter Group soon. After that, the
construction process would officially begin. This meant that she would be required to monitor the
progress at the construction site and wouldn’t be free to join in the events at the Russell Group.

“It’s not bad,” Dexter commented nonchalantly. “How did you make such a simple mistake in the last
meeting? It must have been because your ex was present.”

“Ha!…” Larry couldn’t hold in his laughter, amused by the way Dexter expressed his jealousy in such a
relaxed and carefree tone.

He immediately covered his mouth and left the office quickly and cleverly.

Josie’s eyes blazed as she glared at him. “Dexter! Are you trying to get on my nerves?”

He sat at the head of the meeting table, dressed in a formal suit, but his expression was casual and
carefree. He looked at her with a mischievous grin, exuding a rather playful demeanor.

“You must be the epitome of jealousy.”

Dexter didn’t try to deny it. “I heard that the illegitimate child of the Bastille family has returned. He’s
planning to fight with your ex for their assets.”

Josie ignored Dexter’s mention of Morgan. “The Bastille family had an illegitimate child?”

Dexter’s lips widened into a grin. “You seem to be clueless about your ex. What did you guys talk about
when you were together? The weather? The moon? He must’ve been a bad boyfriend if he wasn’t
bothered to reveal anything about himself.”

He would keep talking about it as long as she was there. So, Josie picked up her bag from the sofa and
turned around. “You can continue. I’m leaving.”

“Why are you getting mad?” Dexter continued to tease her as he hurried to catch “You don’t even let
me speak the truth.”


to her.

“Dex!” Josie’s face was flushed red with frustration. Her eyes narrowed as she turned around and
pointed at him angrily.

“I’ll stop,” he chuckled, holding her hands. “Let’s go home.”

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