That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 625

Keep You Safe

Dexter smiled mischievously and put his phone away. He leaned over Josie’s shoulder and took a bite
of her French toast. “Do you remember what you said to me last night?” he asked.

Josie was worried when Dexter brought up her past mistakes. She shook her head at first but then
nodded. when she saw the strange expression on his face.

Dexter smirked and said, “It’s okay. As long as I remember it, it’s fine.”

Josie’s heart fluttered when she heard his response. Her curiosity was piqued, and she probed, “What
did I


“You said…” The words lingered in the air for several seconds; his eyes lit up with a playful glint as he
observed her expressions. “You said I was the most good-looking man you’ve seen.”

Josie rolled her eyes at his silly comment..

Dexter placed the last piece of toast in her mouth and stood up. “I don’t have anything planned this
afternoon. Let’s go for a walk.”

Dexter rarely had time for himself, thanks to his busy work schedule..

Josie wore a long beige trench coat, and Dexter held her hand tightly as they walked out of the villa
from the back door.

After a short walk, they arrived at a bustling street lined with seafood restaurants, souvenir shops, and
street artists. Artists were setting up their easels and offering to draw portraits of tourists for a hefty


Dexter and Josie were a striking couple, and their presence drew the attention of everyone in the area.
Thankfully, no one seemed to recognize them.

The inns in the area were all charming, with flowers blooming in window boxes.

Josie gripped Dexter’s hand tightly. This was her favorite part of Wavery.

Josie slowed her pace and stopped at a stall selling handmade items. Dexter looked down at the items
and asked, “You like this?”

She nodded at him. “Yes, I want to try it out.”

We shall try it then.

The owner offered them a small stool to sit on and invited them to try making the items themselves.

They were given beads, chains, and a few shells. Josic carefully selected a few beads and asked
Dexter to pass her the chain. She then began to put the beads together.

The beads were very tiny, so it required good eyesight and a lot of concentration to thread them onto
the chain. Josie kept making mistakes, which frustrated Dexter. “You’re such a dummy,” he scolded her
playfully, patting her head.

They switched places, and Dexter could thread the beads onto the chain without any problems. “This is
kind of fun, he muttered with a hint of a smile.

Dexter measured Josie’s wrist against the bracelet he had made for her. The bracelet was filled with

shapes and sizes, each one sparkling in the sunlight. As Josie moved, the shells made a soothing
tinkling sound.

Josie was thrilled with the bracelet Dexter had made for her. “It’s beautiful,” she said, awe-struck at the
object on her wrist. “It’s better than any name-brand bracelet.”

Dexter’s lips curled into a smile.

His handiwork had even garnered respect from the owner, with the owner heaping praises upon


Josie had a sudden thought. “I’m already wearing a rosary bracelet,” she said. “I don’t think I should

this one with it.”

The man’s forehead furrowed, but Josie had an idea. “You can keep it to keep you safe,” she said.

“You need it more than I do,” Josie added. “I just need something pretty” She didn’t wait for his
response. before removing the rosary bracelet from her wrist and putting it on his. “This was given to
me by Claudia. She got it from Sousturham. I’m passing it on to you now to keep you safe.”

He wanted to decline her gift but couldn’t refuse her sincere gesture.

He then asked the owner, “How much does this cost?”

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