That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 628

It’s Not Easy to Be Mrs Russell

Yanis’ face turned grim, and he didn’t touch the teacup throughout the rest of the meeting. Josie didn’t

spare him a glance as she passed by and continued her work.

Yanis’ eyes were fixated on Josie’s back. This young woman may not have said or done anything, but
she had the presence of the heart and soul of the Russell family.

I can’t believe Dexter treats her with such affection and care!

The meeting lasted two hours, and everyone went to lunch together at noon.

Josie sat with the secretaries, not wanting to draw attention to herself by speaking with


Dexter wasn’t pleased with her actions. He shot her several glances-it was evident that he was
wondering why she was avoiding him.

Josie smiled, her hands brushing against his thighs under the table.

The touch was ticklish, and he almost lost his cool.

He texted Josie, ‘If you’re so brave, why don’t you sit by my side?’

Josie replied, I’m not that brave.

Dexter’s smile returned. Later, an executive approached him and spoke to him in a hushed. voice.
They then left the table and headed for the office. Josie’s heart swelled as she stared at his large,
broad back..

After lunch, she went to the pantry.

Not everyone was happy to see her at the meeting. A few employees who admired Dexter were
gathered in the pantry, gossiping about her.

“Isn’t office romance banned in the Russell Group? How did Josie manage to marry Dexter?”

“Exactly. I remembered that Josie was an employee in the design department.”

“Who knows what kind of tricks she used to seduce Dexter? He even gave up on Summer for. her.
She’s definitely not an ordinary woman.”

The women gossiped in hushed tones, their voices filled with envy and displeasure. They each held a
cup of hot coffee in their hands.

“Now that she’s married to Dexter, she’s decided to leave the Russell Group. She must be afraid of the
gossip,” one of them commented from her perch on a tall stool, her legs crossed.

“Isn’t she here now? She must be up to something,” another chimed in.

Josie stood behind the wall, out of sight, listening to what they had to say about her and


“She looks like an ordinary girl with an average body. What did Dexter ever see in her?” They went on
badmouthing Josie without

any restraint.

Just then, Larry arrived at the pantry and overheard part of the conversation. He wanted to go in and
stop them, but Josie blocked him, shaking her head to signal him not to meddle in her business.


Josie turned around and walked into the pantry. She casually poured herself a cup water, her calm and
composed manner leaving them startled and frozen.

of hot

She didn’t say a word in her defense. However, they held their breaths, struggling to figure out how
long she had been there and how much she had heard.

“When I first joined the Russell Group, Dexter and the company were not as successful as they are
today,” Josie said, lifting her gaze and staring at them. “Now that the

company is successful, I have to leave so people won’t speak carelessly of us behind our backs.
Wouldn’t you say that I’m the one who is losing out?”

Their breaths caught in their throats, afraid of what Josie might do. But as her words. registered, they
realized she was simply explaining her position.

“But… But you’re married to Mr. Russell,” someone spoke up bravely.

“I’m sure you’ve all seen the news surrounding our relationship. Do you think it’s easy to be Mrs.
Russell?” Josie skillfully replied to her question, leaving no room for rebuttal.

News about Mrs. Russell had been sweeping the internet frequently for the past two years, resulting in
various critiques from the online community. It was only recently that they began to receive more
positive comments from the public.

When she first got together with Dexter, she was used by various media outlets and constantly thrown
to the wolves.

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