That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 630

At the Construction Site

After the Carter Group reviewed and approved the submitted draft, construction began shortly

Josie initially wanted Laura to follow up on the project’s progress, but she didn’t want any more rumors
to spread. Ultimately, it would be more suitable for her to be in charge, as she was the designer. Laura
would have found it difficult to be involved as she was still a member of the Olsen family.

Therefore, Josie ended up handling the project.

After all, Arnold wouldn’t be on-site.

Dexter knew that she was getting busier with her work at her studio, but he didn’t realize that the
project she was handling was related to the Carter Group, so he didn’t object. He was also busy with
his own work at the Russell Group.

Josie was grateful that Dexter didn’t force her to return to the Russell Group, but she didn’t. tell him that
the project she was working on was for the Carter Group.

If he knew, he would have asked her to withdraw from the project. She couldn’t just let all her hard work
go to waste.

Josie spent days and nights at the construction site, wearing a safety helmet and overseeing. the
construction work. She was the only woman in charge of a group of brawny and large. men, but they
respected her because of her great skills and formidable attitude.

Despite her lean figure and gentle voice, her words were firm and assertive. “How could you make a
mistake in this area? You should just insert cement your head if you’re not going to use your brains.”

“I drew the plan very clearly. Are you blind, or is there something wrong with your brain?”

“This is not a joke. Have you forgotten what happened to the Russell Group? The Russell Group is still
recovering from the crisis caused by the construction problem. If you don’t want the Carter Group to
end up the same way, get your heads in the game.”

Josie stood under the hot sun, holding the building plan in her hands, as she reprimanded them.

The muscular men at the construction site didn’t dare to argue with her.

Who knew such a tiny girl would have so much charisma?

Soon enough, everyone knew that the designer of this construction project was a bold

woman who was not afraid of anything.

Arnold, who had just finished his meeting, was also notified.

“It’s the project Mrs. Russell is in charge of,” Andy added.

Arnold paused momentarily. “I don’t recall you ever referring to her as Mrs. Russell before.”

Andy choked on his breath. “That was in the past, Mr. Carter.”

Dexter had a new way of doing things. He no longer kept Josie under wraps. In fact, he even brought
her to their annual executive meeting. This clearly demonstrated Josie’s status.

No one could tear them apart.

Andy had clung to a glimmer of hope in the past, but he didn’t dare look at Arnold now.

“What’s on my schedule for this afternoon?”

Andy flipped through his notebook and reported, “Mrs. Carter has invited you to the Olsen residence.
Mr. Olsen’s health has deteriorated.”

“What time?”

“Around two.”

“Alright,” Arnold crumpled the document in his hands. “I’ll be heading out before then.”

“Ah…” Andy’s words trailed off. “Are you having lunch?”

The food at the construction site was not very nutritious. Josie joined the workers in eating takeout
food. Over time, the construction workers began to warm up to Josie, realizing that her stern attitude
was a result of her concern for the quality of the project.

“Isn’t it tiring to work here?”

“It is,” Josie responded, nodding her head. “But it’s my line of work. I’ve gotten used to it.”

“There aren’t many young women who can withstand the rigorous work here,” said Will, one of the
men. His face was red from being under the sun. “Many college students want to work in office
buildings, so not many would choose to work in engineering.”

“Will, aren’t I a lady too?” Angelina directed her question at him with a steely gaze, clearly displeased
with his comment. She had been following closely with Josie for this project.

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