That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 622

Showing Affection

Dexter placed her luggage down and explained, “The water is said to have healing

properties.” He shuffled about, his hands touching the furniture around him. “You can finally start to
make up for the time you lost at the Sky Palace.”

He still remembered.

Larry had arranged dinner for them inside the villa, in which Wavery’s local dishes were served. Dexter
strode into the restaurant in his casual outfit, his confidence radiating off of him. This was the first time
anyone had seen him outside of work, and they were all surprised by how different he looked. His
sternness had been replaced by a youthful look, and he carried himself with a demeanor that was both
charming and disarming.

On the other hand, Josie’s face was painted with makeup that accentuated her beautiful appearance.
She understood the importance of her role as Dexter’s wife.

During dinner, Dexter, accompanied by Josie, gave a toast to everyone at the table, “I hope you have a
great time here.”

Josie raised her glass in a cheerful toast, her smile lighting up the room.

Summer had her business meeting at the table next to theirs. When she saw what was happening at
their table, her hands clenched tightly, her fingers digging into her palms as jealousy rose within her.

As the night went on, someone at the table became tipsy and started stuttering as they asked. Josie,
“Is Mr. Russell as stern at home as he is in the office? Aren’t you afraid of him?”

Josie glanced at the man beside her. He was holding a champagne glass, swirling the champagne
inside indifferently. After a moment’s pause, she shook her head at the executive.

Dexter stopped swirling his champagne glass and pinched her cheek lightly with a playful grin. “Why
did you take so long to answer? I’ve never been stern with


“He gets angry easily.”

“If I say no, it means no.”

Josie was left speechless by his insistence.

She let out a forceful laugh, her eyes sparkling with mirth. “See! This is what I’m talking. about.”

Dexter’s voice caught in his throat, his face flushing red. He was flustered by her sudden


Their bickering was like a symphony of love, filled with playful banter and gentle teasing.

Seeing how they interacted, Summer took a deep breath and walked over with her glass. “Mrs. Russell,
I would like to make a toast to you. I missed out on your wedding, so I hope this counts as a toast for
that time.”

Josie’s eyes fixated on her with a cold stare.

Her words seemed harmless and innocent, so Josie couldn’t reject her toast in front of the executives,
even if she wanted to.

Josie forced a smile and said through a thin sheer of politeness, “Thank you.”

Just as Josie’s lips were about to touch the glass, Dexter swiftly took it from her. “My wife can’t drink,”
he interjected. “I’ll drink this for her.” D

It was a statement, not a question, and Summer knew she couldn’t refuse.

Summer was taken aback. She didn’t have a chance to object.

“Of course,” Summer responded, flustered.

Dexter lifted the glass and downed the glass of champagne, showing off his profound jawline.

When he finished the drink, the people at the table started to cheer for him. “Mrs. Russell, you are so
lucky…” D

Josie’s lips curled into a smile. Her cheeks slowly turned red at the cheers. Dexter’s gaze softened as
he stared at her, his eyes filled with affection and warmth. The two of them made. a beautiful picture,
their love for each other evident in their expressions.

Summer’s grip on her glass tightened like a vice, her knuckles turning white as she fought.

urge to shatter the delicate crystal.


On the other side, a warm fire spread throughout Josie’s chest, filling her with delight and warmth as
she gazed sweetly at Dexter.

They had been at the dinner table for hours. Summer excused herself, explaining that she wasn’t
feeling well. Josie felt like a weight had been lifted as soon as she was gone.

It was a rare occasion to see Dexter so relaxed and happy. He laughed and smiled as he toasted with
the executives, who greeted him warmly.

The executives talked about the current state of their industry, but Josie didn’t understand a word they
were saying. She was nearly lulled to sleep by Dexter’s deep, gravelly voice.

She didn’t want to ruin their fun, so she secretly poured some champagne into her glass and

sipped on it occasionally to stay awake.

She focused on her dinner, eating everything Dexter picked for her without complaining. When she was
finally full, she pulled on his cuff and looked at him with her doe eyes. “Dex, I can’t eat anymore.”

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