That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 611

Waiting for Her Divorce

Morgan handed Josie the neatly packaged breakfast, a tinge of remorse in his eyes. “I’m sorry for what
happened yesterday.”

A small chuckle escaped her lips when she sneered, “About what?”

Morgan’s frown deepened at her distant demeanor.

“I admit I took advantage of your soft spot to gain the upper hand over Dexter at yesterday’s meeting.
It’s been a while since we last met, and I used our reunion to my advantage. I’m really sorry for that.”

He could have spared her from all of it, but he didn’t.

Sipping the warm coffee, which warmed her heart and stomach, Josie responded with a snicker tinged.
with sarcasm, “It’s alright. I’m used to it anyway.”

Her casual words couldn’t mask the underlying sense of loneliness and sorrow.

Morgan frowned at her reply. “Josie, I didn’t have much of a choice.”

Given the circumstances, he had no other option.

Josie smiled, her inner beauty radiating. “No need to apologize to me. You know the stakes in the
business world. I don’t need to say much, but you’re well aware of Dexter’s nature. He doesn’t take
losses lightly. So, brace yourself for his retaliation.”

She warned Morgan of his potential reality in a lighthearted tone.

The latter gazed at her, realizing that the Josie in front of him had transformed into a fierce and resilient
entity, akin to a rose with thorns, captivating and unyielding.

It was rumored that Dexter was indeed planning to take action against the Bastille family. However,
Morgan showed no signs of fear. “Trust me, the Bastille Group is just as formidable as the Russell
Group. I just need some time, and I’ll make sure Dexter won’t be able to bring me down.”

Josie casually placed the breakfast back in its original position. “Hmm, I believe you.”

She had always known that Morgan was intelligent and accomplished. But now, everything has
changed. In her heart, Morgan was no longer the person she had once admired.

“The scarf I gave you, I remember seeing it discarded in the trash. So, I’m curious, why did you
suddenly pretend to be sentimental and wear it before Dexter?” Josie’s words carried a sense of

The past was still etched vividly in Josie’s mind.

After the fallout with Morgan, they had stubbornly drawn distinct boundaries. As she passed the trash
bin, she caught sight of the scarf she had once knitted for him.

“You misunderstood me back then,” Morgan explained, the sunlight streaming through the car window,
casting a golden glow on his cufflinks, exuding an air of luxury.

He continued, “Even if I were to explain, you wouldn’t believe me. But I hope you understand that what
happened back then wasn’t my intention.”

The morning light gently kissed her face, revealing a coffee stain on her lips.

Morgan’s heart skipped a beat, and he reached out to wipe it away.

Josie evaded his touch.

His arm froze momentarily, but he wasn’t embarrassed. Morgan retrieved a tissue and gave it to her.

Josie declined. She asked, sounding rather awkward, “Why did you come back?”

A momentary flicker of hesitation displayed in Morgan’s eyes as he smiled. Since Josie had asked, he
felt compelled to tell her the truth..

Both of them were perceptive adults and understood the underlying implications of their words.

Morgan tightened his grip on the tissue. “Because of you.”

Josie was taken aback, realizing his answer was as straightforward as it sounded.

“I don’t want to see the woman I love going with another man. I want to pursue you again.”

Morgan’s honesty surprised her.

Josie was no fool. She thought Morgan was delusional, suddenly proclaiming his feelings for her after
everything that had happened between them, “Do you even know what you’re saying?”

“I want us to be together like how we used to. I’m confident I can provide you better care than Dexter.”
Morgan’s voice held a solemn yet playful undertone, his heart racing in the morning light.

However, Josie’s expression grew colder, and her anger intensified.

“I know you resent and hold me accountable in your heart, but it’s okay. I can wait for you to divorce
and for us to fall in love again. I’m telling you my true feelings now, but I’m not expecting an immediate


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