That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 632

We’ll Never Know if She’s Useless

Josie raised her eyebrows in amusement. “I seem to be fated with Rivonia, even though I’ve never
been there before.”

Both Heather and Morgan were from Rivodia. The people in her life who were entangled with her were
somehow connected to Rivodia.

Arnold’s expression was unreadable as he looked at her. “Rivodia is a nice place. You could there
sometime,” he said after a short pause.

She had been in Wavery too long and rarely traveled outside its borders. “We’ll see,” she answered
with an indifferent response.

However, she had never heard from Dexter about Heather being sent away. She was pleasantly
surprised by how quietly he had tried to end everything.


“It’s such a pity for Heather, who worked hard to come to the city only to be sent back home in disgrace
by a powerful man,” Arnold chuckled softly.

Josie’s eyebrows furrowed as she turned to look at him. “Don’t try to shift the blame,” she chided.

“What do you mean?”

“If it weren’t for you, she wouldn’t be in this situation. You’re the first person to blame for this.”

Josie’s face grew grimmer with each passing second. She had never confronted Arnold, but he had
pushed her buttons this time. “Mr. Carter, you’re a skilled man. However, you won’t be able to use the

same tricks over and over again.”

They stood still under the faint sunlight, their eyes locked on each other.

Arnold smirked. “Unfortunately, you weren’t willing to be my pawn, so I had to find someone else.”

“Your poor pawn…” Josie leaned in closer to him and said in a hushed tone, “is useless now.”

Arnold lowered his gaze and grinned mischievously at her. His heart fluttered at the sight of her pale
face, but he regained his cool and confidently said, “We’ll never know.”

Josie wasn’t interested in continuing the conversation with him. She started walking away but suddenly
realized that she had forgotten her lunchbox. She quickly turned around, grabbed it, and stomped away
in anger.




“Josie,” Arnold called out to her.

She continued to march forward, crossing the ground that had been filled with cement.

“Since it’s the end of the year, Dexter must be very busy. I suggest you stay by his side. You don’t have
to come to the construction site.”

Josie grew suspicious of his words. She turned around aggressively and snapped, “Shoo.”

Arnold did not get angry at her. Instead, he was bewildered by her reaction. There was still another half
a month until the construction work was finished. It seemed like he would have to personally monitor


His phone had been buzzing in his pocket for a long time when he finally picked it up. Andy’s voice
came across the line in a panicky tone, “Mr. Carter, it’s already two twenty. Mrs. Carter has called me
several times to ask where you are. Are you on your way to the Olsen Residence?”

Arnold’s eyes were fixed on Josie’s back as she walked away.

He sighed deeply before replying, “I’m on my way.”

Andy’s eyes widened in shock. “You haven’t left yet?”

He knew it was a long drive from the construction site to the Olsen Residence.

Josie returned to Angelina, who had a wide grin on her face. “Ms. Warren, you’re friends with Mr.
Carter as well?”

She noticed that the two had been talking for a long time, but Josie’s face was etched with frustration
when she returned.

“I know him. He’s a know-it-all,” Josie huffed. She wasn’t afraid of Arnold at all.

The lines on Angelina’s forehead deepened as she thought about it. “Kodille is located in the west, but
we’re on the north side of the city. I don’t think he got the food on the way,” she said, trying to make
sense of Arnold’s words.

Not only were they in different directions, but he also had to travel a long way from his office. to get to
the construction site. And that’s not even counting the time it took to wait for the food to be prepared
and packed.

Josie froze for a while as she realized the implications of Angelina’s words. She squinted her eyes and
pursed her lips in confusion but quickly recovered and said, “You don’t have to worry about him. He’s
the CEO. He has all the time and money in the world to travel the

extra mile.”

Angelina rubbed her temples. “Is that so?” she asked, still not quite believing it.

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