That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 634

Who Knows Who Will Win in the End

“Is that so? It seems he’s had rebellious thoughts for quite some time then. It will just be a small
punishment-I won’t take his life,” Dexter spoke slowly, his words dripping with indifference while his icy
gaze fixed on Wyatt. “Serve a few years in jail, then come out right. in time for retirement, perfect

Dexter recited out his potential path in life as casually as one would discuss what to have for dinner.
The chilling certainty in his voice sent shivers down Wyatt’s spine.

Wyatt had been in this room for what felt like an eternity, pleading relentlessly to the man. before him,
even resorting to kneeling and enduring humiliation. However, he still couldn’t change Dexter’s mind.
Each attempt had chipped away at Wyatt’s once unyielding spirit, leaving only a shred of dignity

“My father’s health is in poor condition, Dex,” Wyatt’s voice wavered, desperation seeping through.
“Once he goes to jail, his life is over.”

The plea for compassion fell on deaf ears, and all Wyatt received in response was Dexter raising his
gaze with a distant, detached expression.

“Dex…” Wyatt choked on his words.

Dexter retracted his leg, not bothering to look up again. “Go home. Don’t sacrifice yourself for someone
like your father,” he uttered, his tone laced with a blend of disdain.

The implication was clear-Yanis’ destiny was decided no matter what they said. Dexter was resolute in
sending Yanis to prison, showing no mercy.

Josie believed that Old Mr. Russell must have known about this and even agreed; otherwise, Wyatt
wouldn’t have come here to plead so desperately for his father’s life.

“Is the jail time really going to be just for a few years?” Wyatt slumped to the ground, his voice filled
with profound despair, his hopes shattered by Dexter’s heartlessness.

In the dimly lit room, Wyatt’s voice rang out again, trembling with disappointment, “I knew you pushed
the Carter family over a cliff. I just didn’t expect that you wouldn’t even spare your own family.” As the
weight of Dexter’s cruelty and indifference settled in, the room. seemed to grow colder, matching the
chill in Wyatt’s heart.

Wyatt’s words were soft but carried a clarity that changed Dexter’s expression abruptly. He stared at
Wyatt. “What did you say?” Dexter’s voice displayed a hint of disbelief.

“Arnold’s father is still in the Southern Wavery Prison, isn’t he? I doubt he will ever come out again in
this lifetime,” Wyatt’s smile twisted into a sinister grin, and his bloodshot eyes glared. at Dexter with
intense hatred. “No wonder Arnold hates you so much. I believe everything


he’s done is right. Dex, you deserve the worst. I’d love to see who will win-Arnold or you!”

The whole study fell into an cerie silence as the weight of Wyatt’s accusations hung heavily in the air.
Josie sensed that something dangerous was about to unfold. She was about to step in and defuse the
situation. Still, before she could act, Dexter suddenly lifted his leg and sent. a powerful kick to Wyatt’s
chest, hurtling him across the room.

The force of the blow caused Wyatt to crash into the corner of the wall, and he clutched his chest in
agony, coughing violently.

“You are a capitalist yourself. You know best what kind of people they are. Yet, you sympathize with
them.” Dexter smoothed out the creases in his trousers, showing little signs of losing his temper, only
displaying disdain for Wyatt’s foolishness.

“You seem so indignant. Does Arnold know about this? How about I send you to him. tomorrow and tell
him there’s a loyal and devoted dog who wants to serve him!” Upon hearing this, Josie’s heart
trembled, knowing that Dexter was capable of such a thing.

“Aren’t I just stating the truth?” Wyatt yelled with all his might, “If you send my father to prison, I will do
everything I can to go against you. Arnold is too kind. You are able to catch. your breath only because
he didn’t eliminate you completely. If not, who knows who will win in the end!”

Hearing this, Dexter clenched his teeth, a wicked smirk forming. “Unfortunately, you’re not Arnold. You
can’t reach the heights of his position, let alone match me in qualifications.”

His words conveyed the harsh reality, leaving Wyatt speechless, a heavy sense of defeat in his chest
as the weight of Dexter’s words struck him deeply.

“When I was managing the internet industry, my abilities were no worse than yours. If you give me
some time, I will definitely outperform you. But unfortunately, you got scared of my potential and took
the company back, leaving me with nothing. Dexter, you’re shameless!” Wyatt’s voice trembled with a
mix of anger and resentment.

Wyatt had been nursing this resentment about the matter for a long time, finally reaching its. boiling
point. The taste of having his fervent spirit and ambitions suddenly extinguished by Dexter’s actions
was difficult for him to bear.

Dexter raised an eyebrow, seemingly unaffected by Wyatt’s outburst. “Do scared?” he retorted.


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