That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 626

The owner told him, “A hundred and forty-two.” The price even had a special meaning: “I love you.”

Josie whispered under her breath. “I think she’s ripping you off.

How could a mere hundred be considered a rip-off? She must not be aware of his identity as Dexter
Russell, the CEO of the Russell Group.

Dexter smiled and said, “I’ll pay with a credit card. Thanks.” He then took out his credit card.

The owner grinned from ear to ear as she processed their purchase.

After a short while, Josie noticed that the bracelet kept tinkling whenever she walked.

“Is it too loud?” she asked, her eyes darting around the crowd nervously. She didn’t want to attract
unnecessary attention.

Dexter squeezed her hand tighter and said, with a glimmer in his eye, “This way, I won’t need to worry
about losing you.”

Josie’s heart fluttered at his sweet remark.

After a while, they ran into Summer.

Summer was a master networker and socializer. When she learned that Dexter had brought a large
group. of top executives with him, she was eager to make connections.

She was beautiful and held a powerful position in the company, so it was easy for her to win over the
executives. If they got along well, they could work for the Olsen Group in the future.

Therefore, she invited a young man to go for a walk with her today.

Coincidentally, the young man was the director in charge of Russell Group’s venture capital
investments. He was a highly skilled student who had been scouted by Dexter.

They were getting along well. When Summer looked up from her coffee, she saw Dexter and Josie
walking towards them, hand in hand.

They were holding hands and looked like they were enjoying each other’s company.

Summer felt a surge of jealousy at the sight of them.

The man sitting with Summer stood up and greeted them. “Mr. Russell, what a coincidence!”

Dexter nodded in greeting, but his eyes narrowed with suspicion when he took notice of Summer’s
presence. “What are you two doing here?”

He was quick to distance himself from Summer. “Summer invited me for coffee. I was bored in the villa,
so I thought I’d join her.”

Summer stood up and confirmed, “Yes.”

Dexter nodded calmly and didn’t ask any further questions. He gestured for them to sit down and enjoy
their coffee. “You two go ahead.”

Dexter’s face had turned even grimmer. Josie couldn’t help but feel a pang of worry when she saw his
darkened expression.

Did Dexter get jealous because Summer was with another man?

They walked in silence; the only sound that emitted between them was the crunch of their footsteps on
the gravel path. The friendly atmosphere between them earlier had been replaced by a pressuring


The sun was about to set, and the air was cold and crisp, stinging their skin as the wind blew. Josie
subconsciously pulled her hand away from Dexter.

Dexter held her hand tighter and turned to look at her. “Why aren’t you asking me about it? You’re
clearly unhappy.”

He knew it all along.

Josie felt a bitter sense of pain coil around her heart. “Something seemed to be bothering you, so I
didn’t want to distract you.”

Dexter pulled out his phone from his pocket and demanded, “Follow Summer and Mr. Hensley. I want
to know everything they talk about.”

Josie pulled her hands away from his and shoved them into her cold pockets.

She then walked ahead of him.

Josie walked too hastily, her legs stumbling in the snow. She almost fell, but the man quickly steadied
her from behind. “Are you angry?” he asked.

Dexter followed behind her with his long strides. Josie’s breath came in short gasps as she tried to
keep her distance from him, her eyes stinging from the cold air.

“Why are you acting this way?” Dexter asked again, wrapping his arms around her. He helped her to
wipe the snow off her face. “How did I make you angry?”

His tone was calm and gentle, but Josie was still unsure how to respond.

Dexter was incredibly patient with her. He looked into her eyes affectionately and explained, “You must
know what kind of power the Olsen family holds in Wavery, don’t you?”

Before Josie could interject, he continued, “They can pose a great risk to the Russell Group, especially
if my people end up working with them.”

Josie tried to connect the dots as she asked carefully, “You’re afraid that there might be a spy hiding
within the management?”

Josie may not have seemed to understand fully, but Summer was an opportunist who knew the tricks of

the trade.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Summer stood up and bid Mr. Hensley farewell. “We’ll talk again next
time.. The Olsen family won’t let you down. Please consider my offer.”

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