That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 624

As Long as You Stay by My Side

As soon as Josie was in the hot spring, she became limp and compliant. Dexter held her tightly, afraid
she would slip away if he let go.

The full moon hung like a bright beacon in the sky, casting its silvery light over the landscape. Dexter
was never one to give freely. His warmth and affection always came with a price. He was a man who
always wanted something in return..

The woman’s beauty was captivating, even more so as she stood submerged in the water.

The heat of desire coursed through Dexter’s body like a river of lava as he approached her. Josie
moaned. softly, her voice a high-pitched wail of pleasure.

The water was still and silent, but Josie’s chest still heaved as she struggled to catch her breath. Her
knees were weak and wobbly, and she could feel the pain radiating from her legs. She was fully awake

Josie’s head was still spinning from the alcohol, and she felt lightheaded. Dexter leaned in close and
whispered, “Do you like me?”

“Who are you referring to?” she responded with a casual tone.

He then rephrased his question and asked, “Do you like Dexter or Morgan?”

“Dexter,” she answered without a second of hesitation.

His lips curled into a smile with a hint of satisfaction.

Dexter leaned in closer to her and kissed her lips. “Jo, I won’t let you feel wronged again as long as you
stay by my side,” he uttered.

Dexter’s eyes were like two blazing coals as he approached her. His veins were pumping with
adrenaline, and he could barely contain his desire. It was as if he wanted to prove that she was his.

The tub would have been parched if the water hadn’t been flowing into it constantly.

Josie was fully awake by the time they finished.

Dexter’s lips curled into a mischievous smirk. “The winter in Wavery is really beautiful. I’ll take you
around whenever I’m free.”

Josie’s eyes widened as she saw the floor-to-ceiling window on the other end of the tub. The window
offered a stunning view of the outside that stretched for miles. She couldn’t help but smile as she
admired. the scenery.

The sea was a sheet of ice, its surface shimmering like a thousand diamonds under the streetlights.
Josie parted her lips in a silent gasp as her eyes laid upon the view before them.

The sight of the sea sparkling under the moonlight filled Josie’s heart with warmth.

“Dexter, don’t be too nice to me,” Josie said with an exaggerated sigh, her voice layered with dread and
a hint of concern.

Dexter’s face was flashed with darkness; his heart felt like it was being squeezed. But before he let a
word. in, Josie fell into his embrace as the drowsiness started taking over her. “Hug me to sleep, won’t




He had been upset with her earlier, but her proactive gesture made him forget all about it.

They were in deep slumber from midnight until the following afternoon.

Josie lifted her eyes and gazed at Dexter’s face, his stubble adding a touch of ruggedness to his
handsome features. He was sleeping soundly, his chest rising and falling steadily as he held her close.

Josie’s head was throbbing, resulting from last night’s rigorous workout and excessive drinking.

She slowly got out of bed, her head still pounding from the previous night’s excesses. She padded
across. the warm tiles to the bathroom, her eyes widening in shock as she caught sight of her reflection
in the


Her body was a patchwork of bruises, painful evidence of the night’s activities. She buried her face in
her palms, trying to remember what had happened last night. She shivered instinctively, imagining how
wild. the night had been.

The thought of it made her cheeks burn red.

As Dexter slept soundly, Josie changed into a fresh set of clothes. She called room service and
ordered a light lunch, savoring the taste of the food as she basked in the warm afternoon sunlight.

The long coastline of Wavery was a sight to behold. The sea was frozen solid, and the air was so cold
that it stung your skin. Yet, the scene was serene, as if the world had been put on pause.

Dexter woke up to the view of Josie admiring the sea. She was completely still, her expression one of
peace and tranquility.

The sunlight streamed through the window, illuminating Josie’s hair like a halo. She sat by the window.
her hands gently cradling a book. She looked like an angel, a vision of beauty and grace.

He was mesmerized; his eyes lit up as he took his phone and called, “Josie!”

Josie swiveled her head around, her eyes widening as she saw the camera pointed at her. The shutter

She closed her book, her cheeks flushing as she inquired, “Were you taking a picture of me?”

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