That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 631

Heather Had Been Sent Away

“Exactly,” Josie agreed, munching on her food. “You’re generalizing all of us. Even though we’re office
workers, we still have to work at the construction site.”

“It’s my fault,” Will apologized quickly. “I was too narrow-minded.” He lifted his noticed a car parked
outside the construction site. A man got out of the car.

gaze and

The man was tall and lean, with an outstanding aura. He was walking towards them.

Will narrowed his eyes to get a better look. As the man approached them, he finally realized who the
man was. “Mr. Carter!” he called out immediately, almost dropping his food.

Josie was still busy finishing her lunch box when she heard Will call out Arnold’s name. She felt a
shiver run down her spine, and her hands started to tremble.

Soon, she heard a familiar voice say, “I had a business meeting nearby, so I thought I’d stop by. Are
you having lunch now?”

After she confirmed that it was indeed Arnold, she froze in place.

“Yes. Everything is going well here. Would you like to take a look around?” Will brought a safety helmet
and offered it to Arnold.

Arnold declined the helmet and instead handed Will a bag of food. “These are some local delicacies of
Wavery I picked up. You can share them with your friends.”

He brought a large bag filled with food. Will eagerly took it from him and called out to the other
construction workers, “Mr. Carter brought us food!”

Arnold stood behind her, not moving. She was about to leave as the other workers crowded around
them, but Will noticed her and called out, “Jo, I remember you’re from Wavery. Come and try the food
with us.”

Josie’s stomach churned.

She slowly turned her head around and met Arnold’s eyes. He raised his eyebrows, and his lips curled
into a mischievous grin.

“The local dishes from Kodille are indeed delicious. Mr. Carter sure knows where to find the good food.”

At the corner of the construction site, Arnold and Josie stood side by side. She took a bite of the meat
and nodded in approval.

“Why did you come here yourself? You could have sent one of your subordinates,” Arnold

said, pretending that he hadn’t intended to see her here.

“Of course, I can’t leave my work to others. It’s my design, after all,” Josie replied, glancing at him with

“You’re certainly responsible.”

Arnold’s words weren’t meant as a compliment.

“My designs are very expensive. Mr. Carter, I hope you can be payment.”

generous with your final

Knowing that no one they knew was around, Josie could let her guard down in front of Arnold and
spoke casually.


The sauce from her pasta smeared on the corner of her lips, and Arnold reached out to wipe away with
his hand. “How could I leave a skilled designer like you in debt? I’ll make sure you get your desired
amount by the time you’re done.”

His actions made her freeze in her spot. She couldn’t say anything, as Arnold had already pulled his
hand away.

“Then I’ll have to thank you, Mr. Carter, for your prompt payment.”

“You don’t have to be so distant with me. You weren’t like that in the past.” Arnold rested his arms on
the scaffolding as he looked around the construction site. His tone of voice was low and deep, tinged
with dismay.

Josie felt awkward by his remark, but she couldn’t help but curl her lips into a cunning grin. “We’re
enemies now. If I were to act carelessly, your wife would tear me to pieces. I don’t want my life to go
into chaos again.”

Arnold was amused by Josie’s expression, a slight smile plastered on his face as he changed the
subject, “I recently got the news that Heather had been sent away.”

Josie’s hand froze mid-air, the fork halfway to her mouth. Her eyes widened in surprise. “I wasn’t
aware,” she said.

Arnold nodded knowingly. “I see. It seems like Dexter is treating you well.”

He sent Heather away quietly, severing all ties with her.

“Where was she sent?”

“I’m not sure. Rivodia is a possibility, as Heather is from there.”

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