That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 627

Unannounced Guest

After welcoming the executives, it was time for the Russell Group’s annual meeting. Dexter would be
very busy with his work.

Josie’s work studio was running smoothly under Laura and the other employees. Her only responsibility
was to work on her drawings and send them to the studio. Dexter had mentioned in the villa by the
seaside that Josie could participate in the Russell Group’s


Josie felt that it wasn’t appropriate for her to be there. She was still hung up on the they had only gotten
married as a business partnership.

past when

“Didn’t you plan the annual meeting very well last time? Even when the Russell Group faced a crisis,
you stood up courageously with your ideas and overcame the problem. Why are you worried now?”
Dexter teased her, his eyes twinkling with amusement.

Josie glared at him. “How is this the same? It’s the annual meeting where all of Russell Group’s top
executives attend. What would they think of me if I attended? After all, I messed up the partnership
meeting the last time…”

Josie felt a pang of guilt when she thought about this.

“It could only mean that you need more practice. So you have to be there for your own sake,” Dexter
said matter-of-factly as he poured himself a cup of tea.

Once he made his mind up, there was no changing it. Josie understood what he meant and sighed
deeply before replying, “Alright then. Thank you, Mr. Russell, for giving me more. workload.”

Dexter held her hand tightly in his.

The annual meeting was a big occasion. In addition to the executives she had met at the hot spring
villa, there were also the directors of the various departments under the Russell. Group and the
executive directors in the meeting room.

Josie followed Dexter and Larry, a stack of files in her hands. Her glasses sat neatly on her nose, and
her makeup was understated but polished. She smiled warmly, her lips curling into a gentle arc. Her
professional demeanor was accentuated by her warm smile and friendly


Everyone in the meeting room started to exchange glances when they saw her enter the room. They
assumed that Mr. Russell’s wife would be participating in the work at the Russell Group.

And Dexter had allowed her to do so.




“If everyone’s here, we can start now,” he announced to the table as he opened the laptop.

“Everyone who should be here is here, but it seems we have an unannounced guest,” Yanis remarked
scornfully, his hostility towards Josie evident.

Josie kept her composure, and Dexter was unfazed by Yanis’ comment. “If you’re referring to my wife,
then you must be opposing me. She’s my wife, so do you think I’m also a guest here?”

He spoke in a relaxed tone, but there was a steely edge to his words that made everyone in the
meeting room sit up and take notice.

Yanis’ face turned ashen pale. “That’s not what I meant, Dexter,” he said, his voice trembling. “It’s
ridiculous for you to think that way of me.”

“Please refer to me as Mr. Russell at work,” Dexter reminded, his words straightforward and

Yanis fidgeted in his seat, his eyes darting around the table. The words had registered, and he could
feel the tension building in his jaw. He thought about leaving, but the thought of the bonuses at the end
of the year kept him rooted to his seat. He couldn’t bear standing up to Dexter now, not when so much
was at stake.

The meeting room started to fill with chatter and gossip. Dexter had already defended Josie and
humiliated one of the executive directors, and the room was buzzing with speculation. about what this
meant. Was Dexter warning everyone that they should not cross Josie?

“Let’s begin,” Josie’s voice was soft and gentle, but it carried an air of assertiveness and. confidence as
it traveled through the large meeting room.

The meeting was in full swing, with Dexter listening to the reports from each department’s
representative. Josie, who was in charge of taking minutes, took a moment to pour everyone a cup of
water when the meeting reached its midpoint. Despite her position as Dexter’s wife. she maintained a
humble and friendly attitude.

“Thank you, Mrs. Russell,” they expressed, stammering slightly. They were pleasantly surprised by
Josie’s approachability and friendliness.

She smiled warmly and said, “You’re welcome.”

When she passed Yanis a cup of water, she maintained her composure and smiled politely at him.
“You’ve worked hard, Mr. Russell,” she enunciated.

Yanis glared at her and said firmly, “It seems like Mrs. Russell has Mr. Russell wrapped around her little
finger. Aren’t you going to ask me what tea I prefer?”

“This pot of tea is better. Would you like to try it, Mr. Russell?” Josie asked as she poured him.

a cup of tea.

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