That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 636

Someone Inside the Olsen Family

“Ask away,” Dexter responded casually.

At the tip of her tongue, Josie was worried that the question might offend Dexter. Anyone who offended
Dexter, sooner or later, would face unfavorable consequences. Besides, asking about it would seem
like jealousy, so she kept it to herself.

“Nothing much, it’s about Yanis. You dealt with him, but what about the situation with the Olsen family?”
Josie smoothly shifted the topic.

Dexter closed his eyes, a look of contemplation crossing his face, his finger pressed against his temple.
“Mark’s illness has relapsed, and he’s in the hospital. If the people under him find. out, the New Year
won’t be peaceful for him.”

Josie understood the delicate situation Summer faced after taking over the Olsen Group. Mark’s illness
weakened his support for her, leaving her vulnerable to internal challenges, and Arnold, too, would be

This presented a favorable opportunity for Dexter, who aimed to deal with both the Carters and Olsens,
leveraging the vulnerability caused by Mark’s illness. The situation was ripe for him to make significant
moves within the Olsen family structure.

A sudden thought struck Josie as she observed Dexter’s composed expression. “Is Mark’s illness
somehow related to you?” she asked, her voice tinged with curiosity.

Dexter’s eyes flickered open, a mocking smile playing on his lips. “I can’t control someone else’s
health, can I?”

Josie understood the implication. Some individuals within the Olsen family were loyal to Dexter and
might have played a part in orchestrating Mark’s ailment.

Wrapped in Dexter’s embrace, Josie pressed her fingertip to his lips. “Forget about Summer, but Mark
is still your childhood friend’s father. If she finds out, she’ll be heartbroken.”

Dexter responded with a teasing smile. “Jealous of her, are you?”

Amused by the suggestion, Josie rolled her eyes at him. “What do I have to be jealous of? When you
two broke up, you were just a kid. It doesn’t bother me at all.”

Dexter’s grin widened. “You’re jealous.”

Josie playfully rebutted, “Just because you’re easily jealous doesn’t mean I am too.”

Dexter acknowledged her wit and rose, holding Josie’s hand to lead her out of the study. “Remember
not to make Chamomile tea next time. I don’t like it.”

A shiver ran down Josie’s spine as she recalled that Chamomile was Arnold’s favorite tea.

“You came back late today.” Dexter changed the subject, steering away from the conversation that
made Josie anxious.

“The construction site has been jam-packed. I had to oversee the progress,” Josie explained,

her words sincere.

“Do you need me to pick you up in the future?”

“You’ve already arranged a driver for me. There’s no need to trouble you,” Josie replied, feeling slightly
guilty for not revealing that the project belonged to the Carter family.

If he found out, he would definitely not allow her to go, and it would waste all the studio members’

Fortunately, Dexter seemed preoccupied with recent affairs.

“Tomorrow morning, come with me to the hospital to visit Mark. After that, I have some business to
attend to,” Dexter suggested, pulling her closer into his embrace.

“Where are we going?” Josie asked, her fingers gently intertwined with his.

“We’ll be inspecting the branch companies, starting with Rivodia.”

Josie’s eyes sparkled with excitement as she recalled something Arnold had mentioned. “I heard that
Rivodia is beautiful. When will you take me there to see it?”

“Why not tomorrow? Put aside your work and come with me on a business trip,” Dexter suggested,
leading Josie into the master bedroom and closing the door behind them.

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