That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 635

Not to Settle Scores, but to Win

“Isn’t that so?” Wyatt questioned.

“Of course not.” Dexter’s cruel smile deepened as he replied. “What you did back then was
commendable, but I decided to take back the company because of Josie.”

Josie was standing at the door, meeting Dexter’s gaze, which had long noticed her presence. Josie felt
a chill down her spine.

“We had a little disagreement at that time, and what she cared most about was that so-called
company,” Dexter explained nonchalantly as if suggesting that the termination of an entire company
was just a result of a minor argument between a couple.

Wyatt realized he was just an innocent sacrifice caught in the crossfire of their disagreement. He
looked incredulous. “It’s impossible…”

“I do feel some remorse towards you. That’s why I didn’t stop Mark Olsen from investing in you to clear
your debts. So we settled the score here,” Dexter spoke lightly.

Wyatt shook his head. “It’s impossible, absolutely impossible. You were afraid of my abilities, afraid that
I would compete with the Russell family.”

Dexter chuckled disdainfully, mocking Wyatt’s wild imagination. “You can ask Josie why she stayed by
your side and tried her best to salvage the situation. Her conscience made her guilty, so she wanted to
compensate you.”

Wyatt was greatly shaken, standing still in disbelief that his significant ups and downs were all due to
the conflicts between Dexter and his wife.

He felt like a toy being played with by God’s hands.

Wyatt mentioning Yanis had indeed angered Dexter, leading Dexter to strike him with such at
devastating blow.

Struggling to stand up, Wyatt clung to his knees, finding it difficult to get back on his feet. Blood flowed
from the corner of his mouth, and his gaze toward Dexter seemed filled with


“We have lots of time. Let’s see how things go,” Dexter remained silent, picking up

down earlier and capping it.



Wyatt walked towards the exit, his gaze meeting Josie’s sympathetic look.

He walked up to her, his voice strained, “Is it true?”

the pen


Josie held the tea tray motionlessly, feeling guilt welling up inside her, rendering her unable

to utter a word.

Her silence was no different from admitting it.

Realization dawned upon him; Wyatt bumped into Josie’s shoulder and strode away from the corridor.

Josie watched as the once young and spirited young man’s back filled with agony as if he had
experienced the vicissitudes of life.

Amidst the curious gazes of the servants, he left Mason Garden.

Once he was gone, Josie entered the study. The room still faintly carried the scent of blood, leaving her
bewildered. “I remember the first time I saw him, your relationship with him seemed quite good, and
you actually admired him.”

Why did it change so much now, to the point where they seemed like enemies? Josie wondered.


put down the

pen and picked up

the cup

of tea, taking a sip. “Is it Chamomile?”

Josie didn’t answer him.

He then understood. “Are you upset that I mentioned you?”

“No.” Josie decided not to ask any more questions and moved to stand behind him. She gently
massaged his shoulders with just the right amount of pressure. “Do you really want to send Yanis to
jail? It’s almost New Year-it doesn’t seem like good timing.”

She knew he wouldn’t easily change his mind, but she wanted to remind him that the timing

was wrong.

“Then let him get through this New Year,” Dexter leaned back and took the chance to hold her hand.
“You’re so well-behaved today; let me guess, you got into trouble and need me to clean up for you?”

He grinned mischievously, and Josie lightly hit him. “I do have a question.”

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