That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 637

Marriage Is Nice

Josie’s playful demeanor faded slightly as she expressed her disapproval. “No, that won’t do… It’s a
working trip. I can’t fully enjoy it when there’s work involved.”

Dexter amusedly responded, “You’re quite hard to satisfy, aren’t you?”

He gently lifted Josie up and playfully threw her onto the soft bed. He followed closely, leaning over her,
and whispered, “Then, when we have time, I’ll take you


With the man so close, Josie blushed. She avoided his intense gaze, responding softly with at slight

In the morning, light streamed through the car windows as Josie drank her milk, her fair skin. adorned
with a rosy hue. Her drowsy state revealed the effects of insufficient sleep.

Sitting in the back seat, Larry reported to Dexter, “Mr. Russell, here are Mark’s medical records.”

Dexter quickly scanned the records, inquiring, “Has Summer or the head of the investment bank taken
any action yet?”

Larry responded, “They haven’t made any moves yet. I believe the investment bank is also hesitant,
considering the interests of the old and new bosses. I think we can trust Mr. Hensley’s judgment for

Dexter, signing various contracts before him, chuckled with a tinge of disdain. “What if the new boss
proves to be more powerful?” Dexter remarked, implicating that the head of the investment bank, Mr.
Hensley, might abandon the old boss for its stronger competitor.

Larry was momentarily at a loss for words, unable to come up with a satisfactory response.

“Not everyone has a conscience,” Dexter added, his expression thoughtful.

Just then, Josie opened her eyes. She shook the milk bottle, saying, “I can’t finish it, Dexter.”

Interrupting his work, Dexter put aside the contracts and took over the bottle, finishing the remaining
milk at her behest.

Larry found himself somewhat stunned. Having worked with Dexter for so long, he knew hist habits and
preferences well. Dexter had always been a black coffee enthusiast, showing no interest in anything
else. But now, he has even started drinking milk.

Dexter noticed Larry’s perplexed gaze and raised an eyebrow. “What are you looking at?”

Larry stammered, “It’s nothing… I just noticed that married men do seem to change.”

Dexter’s lips curved into a faint smile as he glanced affectionately at Josie, who pretended to nap.
“Marriage is nice. You should try it too.”

Larry was taken aback by Dexter’s teasing remark, unsure how to respond. He replied humbly, “I am
not as fortunate as you, Mr. Russell. I don’t even have a girlfriend.”

“It’s not too late to find one. If you ever need anything, just let me know,” Dexter replied, his tone
lighthearted and teasing.

The sound of Dexter’s pen scratching against the paper filled the air. He appeared truly at ease and
content under the warm rays of sunlight.

Upon arriving at the hospital, they found Mark Olsen’s floor heavily guarded by vigilant bodyguards with
strict access control. They were clearly closely guarding against any news about Mark’s illness leaking


Standing outside the hospital room, they realized all the tight security measures had proven futile.

“Mr. Olsen, I think we should reconsider this. The company should not be handed over to Ms. Olsen so
hastily,” came a voice from inside the room. Several middle-aged individuals who appeared to be
shareholders were sitting around Mark Olsen’s bedside, offering relentless advice.

Standing by the side, Claudia addressed the shareholders calmly, “I understand what you’re saying.
You came so early just to talk about these trivial matters. Do you think Summer isn’t capable?”

Mark lay in bed, and his eyes closed as if pretending to be asleep.

“Mrs. Olsen, we didn’t mean to undermine Ms. Olsen’s capability. We just think that she’s still young
and too impulsive to handle such a huge responsibility,” one of the shareholders explained.

“Mr. Olsen has already made a decision, proving she’s qualified. You are all acting above. station as
shareholders,” Claudia replied calmly and composedly, defending Summer.


Just then, several people emerged from the elevator. Arnold and Summer led the group. and they
weren’t surprised to see Dexter and Josie waiting outside.

“You came early, Dex,” Arnold remarked nonchalantly.

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