That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 638

For Gaining Benefits

Summer’s frustration was evident as she gritted her teeth in


Dexter, ever composed, replied, “You have a lot on your plate while I’m not as busy. Coming early is
perfectly normal.”

Josie hooked her arm around his, exchanging a casual glance with Arnold. Arnold suggested, “Dex,
why don’t you come inside?”

“They are still discussing business there-it wouldn’t be convenient for me to enter,” Dexter smiled.

As they stood outside the ward, the voices of discontent from within reached their ears.

“Whether she’s qualified or not depends on her actual performance. Frankly speaking, Mrs. Olsen has
been estranged from the Olsen family for so long-she doesn’t understand the inner workings. Do you
know how many reckless things Ms. Olsen has done since taking over the position? I’m sure you

Claudia’s response remained composed, undeterred by the sarcasm. “All I know is that during the
months when Mark wasn’t handling the business, Summer and Arnold managed. everything efficiently
and orderly, didn’t they?”

“Regardless, Arnold is an outsider and, moreover, a competitor. This marriage should never have
happened from the beginning!”

The dissatisfaction with Olsen’s decisions had been brewing for a long time.

Summer sneered as she listened to their disparaging comments, seemingly ready to push

the ward door and confront them. However, Arnold grabbed her arm before she could storm in, holding
her in an intimate position. “Hold on, okay?”


Josie glanced at Dexter, who chimed in, “Yes, there will always be rumors, and you can’t silence

“Rumors….” Summer whispered softly, “It’s strange. My father was hospitalized yesterday, and the
news spread so quickly today. It’s as if it was planned in advance.”

Dexter furrowed his brows in agreement but remained silent on the matter.

Tensions rose among the group in the corridor.

“That’s enough. I’m not dead yet. Why are you all so anxious?” Mark suddenly opened his eyes and
interrupted their conversation.

“Mr. Olsen, we didn’t mean it that way. We just want you to reconsider your decision. With the New
Year approaching, there are too many complicated matters, and Summer is not up to the task.”

“Yes, Mr. Olsen, we’re only doing this for the good of the Olsen Group.”

Summer could no longer contain herself. She forcefully pushed open the ward door, her hair flying. “Do
you old men think I’m not capable, or are you just trying to interfere to leech from us Olsens?”

Her smile was forced, lacking sincerity, yet her presence was commanding.

The elders looked at each other, taken aback by her sudden outburst. One spoke quavering, trying to
defuse the tension, “Sum… we didn’t mean it that way. You’re overthinking it.”

“Is that so?” Arnold followed, stepping into the ward and shielding Summer behind him. “I have the
annual reports showing the Olsen Group’s yearly profits here. Father, you’ll understand if you compare


With one hand in his pocket and the other holding the documents, Arnold displayed the evidence

“You!” Someone in the group grew anxious and cast a furtive glance at Mark. “You’re an outsider.
There’s no credit in any of your claims. Don’t try to drive a wedge between us.”

Undeterred, Arnold respectfully offered the documents to Mark. “Father, please take a look.”

Another individual in the group grew even more anxious, attempting to discredit Arnold’s evidence.
“This is just slander. We decided to visit Mr. Olsen spontaneously. How could you have prepared these
fake documents so quickly? You must have prepared them in advance!”

Arnold maintained his composure and quickly responded, his tone firm and assertive. “Yeah, your visit
wasn’t planned? The news of Mr. Olsen’s hospitalization wasn’t leaked to the public. I wonder how you
all knew about it so quickly. Were you also prepared for this day?” His words subtly hinted at the
possibility of ulterior motives among the group, challenging their credibility.

Mark scanned through the documents, his expression growing exceedingly solemn, and a glimmer of
ferocity appeared.

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