That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 608

No Need to Feel Sorry

Despite their attempts to keep the incident under wraps, today’s events had undeniably occurred.

Dexter stared intently at Josic, “Jo, there’s no need to lie to me.”

His piercing stare caused Josie to furrow her brows, quickly realizing he was aware…

“… You’re ruthless. Even if it wasn’t Morgan, I would have done the same thing,” Josie quickly
explained, trying to pacify Dexter’s anger. “It wasn’t because of him…”

Dexter couldn’t help but let out a frustrated laugh. His voice turned hoarse as he spoke, “Even if it
wasn’t Morgan, you should always stand by my side. Showing sympathy to the enemy is the dumbest
thing to do!”

Josie’s action rendered him speechless beyond words!

Josie may not have been an expert in business or corporate meetings. Still, she should have had the
simple common sense to grasp what was appropriate and expected of her in such a serious and formal
environment. Regardless of her business knowledge or whether she agreed with his perspective, she
should have been willing to show respect for his opinion.

Given that Morgan was representing a foreign venture capital firm, how could Josie let outsiders exploit
their own people?

Or maybe she never had any intentions of supporting Dexter at all, refusing to align with him under any

Feeling humiliated, Josie tried to break free of his captive, but her effort was in vain.

She felt wronged by his accusation, “So, what do you expect me to do? You’re the one who brought me
into this…”

Dexter’s anger surged, his disappointment lacing the words that followed, “I brought you. here because
I wanted the world to see your value!”

Josie was rendered speechless, her body trembling. She thought he did that simply to… declare that
she was his wife.

She took a deep breath. “I’m sorry. Can you let go of me first so we can discuss this calmly?”

“Jo, you don’t need to burden yourself with guilt.”

Josie blinked, puzzled by his words.

Dexter fixed his gaze on her, his words cutting through the air. “You don’t need to feel guilty about this.
Business isn’t about fairness. Show the world what you’re capable of. Sympathy has no place in the
business realm. You must remember no one will ever go easy on you just because you’re vulnerable or

Josie admitted she had made a mistake, despite the reprimand; however, she couldn’t help but feel a
sense of injustice.

Dexter’s gaze shifted to the lively cityscape outside the floor-to-ceiling window, a defeated chuckle
escaping his lips.

A sense of helplessness washed over Dexter as he delicately traced his fingers along her arms.

Knowing his intentions, Josie instinctively recoiled, “This is your office…”

She couldn’t fathom how the conversation had taken this unexpected turn.

Dexter firmly held her shoulders, leaning closer to her ear, his voice filled with insinuation, “Do you think
those people over there can see us?”

Across from the Russell Group building, another office stood illuminated. If they happened to look in
their direction, they would witness an explicit scene.

If Dexter dared to take it a step further, there would be no hiding from prying eyes…

Not to mention that Josie had no intention of engaging in such shameful acts with him. T

Josie put up a fierce struggle. “No, don’t do this. I don’t want to.”

Dexter effortlessly restrained her with strength and forcefully kissed and sucked her lips. Josie tensed
up, worried that the people in the building across would witness their intimate


“You’ve ruined my grand plan and put Russell Group to shame. Aren’t you supposed to make it up to

Dexter unbuttoned her collar, his voice becoming tender. “Hmm? This isn’t how things are done in the
business world, Jo.”

Josie was abashed. How could she still respond to this man’s seduction and follow his lead. after what

Suddenly, she looked away, struggling to catch her breath. “I already said I don’t want to!”

However, Dexter seemed unaffected by her response and whispered, “Then, how will you make it up to
me? How about having a child or multiple of them? I’ll take good care of them.

In the future, the Russell Group will be theirs.”

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