That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 643

Be My Lover

Arnold narrowed his eyes at her it was a statement.

“After leaving Mason Garden yesterday, I assume he went to your place.” Josie’s expression became
more animated. She supported her chin with her hand and continued, “Otherwise, you wouldn’t bring
me here.”

Arnold looked at her solemnly before suddenly chuckling. “Why don’t you assume this is all a plan to
sabotage your relationship with your husband after seeing how lovey-dovey you guys were from the
unexpected encounter at the hospital?”

Josie’s smile slowly disappeared.

“Don’t you think I’m capable of that?”

“What did Wyatt want? Let me guess…. he wants to pledge his allegiance to you, doesn’t he?” Josie
directed her question at him without giving a response.

Arnold retracted his playful gaze. “He didn’t say anything.”

Josie didn’t believe him.

“He dragged his sick body to my turf. Without even saying anything, I can guess what he wants from
the position he’s in.”

There was a ring of truth in it.

“Forget it. He is only going to be the sacrifice. Don’t use him, Arnold,” Josie replied solemnly.


As sunlight fell onto her face through the shades of the trees, Arnold’s heart skipped a beat. He
caressed her face as he asked, “Are you pleading with me?”

Josie wanted to avoid him, but her face was locked in his hands.

“You used to be the sacrifice, too. But look at you now you’re living a good life, aren’t you?”

He seemed to be obsessed with her soft skin.

“We’re different.”

“How so?” he retorted instantly.

She tolerated his hold, unable to get away from him. “Wyatt is a young man full of potential. All he
needs is an opportunity not to be used by others.”





“But he’s obsessed right now. You can’t change his mind.”



“Are you begging me to help him? If so, you should look more like it. Since Dexter is not in Wavery
now, why don’t you be my lover?”

The smile widened on his face, with genuine joy sparkling in his eyes.

However, the same smile was a terrifying sight to Josie. She suddenly lifted her hand and slapped his
checks. “Do you know what you are talking about, Arnold?”

His lover? How could he even utter those words?

Still, the slap did nothing to bring Arnold back to his senses. Instead, he recalled the intimacy between
Josie and Dexter in the ward and became even more incensed. With veins throbbing at the back of his
hand, he was close to making a decision.

“Be my lover I can give you money and intel. All you need to do is spend time with met whenever
Dexter is away. I don’t think that’s a lot to ask for.” Arnold pinched her cheeks until they turned red. At
that moment, he had deserted morality and societal norms.

Josie flared up upon hearing that. A strong urge to slap him surged within her fury.

“Let me go! I want to get out of this car!”

“There’s no hurry, Josie. Perhaps Dexter and Summer also have this agreement without your
knowledge. Yet, you treat me as though I’m the worst. Isn’t it unfair?” Arnold raised his voice.

“Nonsense! He wouldn’t do that!” she yelled back. She could not tolerate her marriage being tarnished
by him in this manner and placed her hands in front of her to protect herself.

“Stop the car! Right now!” she bellowed at the driver, who didn’t know what to do..

He observed Arnold’s expression quietly. Eventually, the latter seemed to have returned to his senses
as he slowly let go of Josie.

The car stopped.

“Arnold, I don’t have the time to play sick games with you. Don’t drag me down with you, even if you’re
unhappy with Summer. You disgust me!” she spat and took her bag before leaving.

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