That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 640

Worried for Mark Olsen

That’s a relief,” said Dexter as he reached out to pick up the tea kettle and added some hot water to
Mark’s rup. “Have you seen the neurosurgeon I recommended you last time?”

Mark closed his eyes and continued to rest. “Treating the symptoms rather than the root cause won’t
solve this problem

Claudia stared at the Catholic rosaries on Dexter’s wrist for a long time and finally exchanged a glance
with Josic.

There was an inexplicable sense of guilt and pity in Claudia’s eyes.

“Don’t worry, Dexter. I will take good care of Father this winter,” Arnold reassured, emphasizing Father

Dexter raised an eyebrow and said, “I heard that the Carter group initiated a project with the
government. Aren’t you busy with that?”

Josie felt a searing gaze as soon as it was mentioned.

Arnold sneered, “We are in good hands. We have someone trustworthy overseeing the project.”

“Arnold has a lot on his plate, but I believe he can make time,” Dexter said flatly. He turned to Summer
and continued, “Don’t let the pressure get to you, Sum. It’s normal for the elders to hesitate since some
of your past decisions were made recklessly. What do

you think?”

He hesitated for a moment before finally using the term ‘recklessly,

The Russell Group had undermined Summer since she joined, although it was never openly

At that moment, Dexter subtly insinuated, and Summer flustered. She gave him a twisted smile and
replied, “Mr. Russell is right, I understand.”

“Josie, what brings you here? Dexter can’t get enough of you, can he?” Arnold teased.

“That’s right. I can’t get enough of Josie,” Dexter admitted and continued, “She heard about Mr. Olsen’s
situation and insisted on coming together to check on him.”

Nobody believed those words. Summer’s eyes narrowed in disbelief.

Why was she suddenly concerned about Mark? Did she know something?

There seemed to be a mutual understanding between the father and daughter that something was

Within a few seconds, Summer’s heart was pounding and racing rapidly

“That’s right. Mr. Olsen and I have met several times, and he has always been nice to me. He is ill, and
I am quite concerned for him,” Josie asserted.

Mark did take good care of her in many ways.

“Is that so? Summer bit her bottom lip as she asked.

Just then, the maid pushed open the door with a breakfast tray. “Mr. Olsen, it’s time for breakfast, she




The maid walked straight ahead but accidentally bumped into Josie before gracefully stepping aside to
let her pass.

Summer noticed the maid’s youthful appearance and pleasant face, embodying the ideal image of a
virtuous wife and mother.

She served Mark his meal meticulously while Claudia watched silently from the side

Summer questioned, “Ms. Clarkson, you’re a bit late today”

“Oh. Mr. Olsen wanted banana bread, but we ran out of ingredients I went out to buy them she

Summer felt a lump in her throat upon hearing the reply.

Summer trusted her and didn’t ask any more questions without prying further.

Dexter bade farewell and promised to visit Mark when he had the time. Holding Josie’s hand, they left
the hospital room.

As they exited the suffocating atmosphere, Josie breathed a sigh of relief, feeling the tension release
from her shoulders. Dexter tenderly squeezed her hand and said gently, “You’ve been through so

Josie pouted, her beady eyes casting a forlorn look on the floor.

Larry stepped forward at the right moment and said, “Mr. Russell, the flight is about to depart.”

Dexter nodded and replied, “I have to go. Shall I have the driver take you?”


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