That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 641

Arnold’s Vengeance

As Arnold stepped out of the hospital, an intimate scene unfolded before his eyes. Dexter held joue
shoulder and gently kissed her forehead, solidifying their bond

As he boarded the car, the engine roared to life Dexter unexpectedly spoke through the rolled window 1
remember that Wyatt arranged your father’s place”

Josie recalled, “Yes, that’s correct.”

“I didn’t have time to arrange it, so you can bring him out in the next two days and have him stay at
Mason Garden. Dexter suggested.

Josie understood there was a conflict between Wyatt and Dexter, and she was caught in the middle.
She realized that her father’s safety could be compromised.


Josie fixated on the license plate as the vehicle sped away, staring into the distance.

The way Claudia stared at her earlier always sent shivers down her spine.

She couldn’t help but feel uneasy that the Catholic rosaries Claudia had given her were now in Dexter’s

Josie sighed as she reminisced about the time they had supported each other. She had decided to
apologize and provide an explanation.

Nevertheless, her utmost concern lay with Dexter’s well-being.

As the driver swiftly pulled up, Josie heard her name being called. She turned around, facing away
from the morning sun, and was surprised to see Arnold standing on the doorstep. Bathed in the gentle

he exuded a calm and unmistakable presence.

“If Mrs. Carter finds out I’m out here with you, it could cause quite a scene,” she warned.

Josie reclined lazily in the back of the Bentley, pretending to doze off.

“Isn’t it exciting?” Arnold teased. “On the surface, we appear as two respectable people romantically
attached to someone else, and the next, we are engaged in a clandestine relationship.”

Josie remained unfazed. “Mr. Carter, your tastes are quite peculiar.”

I do enjoy a bit of excitement. It seems like Dexter hasn’t told you yet,” he responded with a leering

Josie raised her brow as she recalled Wyatt’s words from the previous day

Fueled by resentment and vindictiveness, Arnold Carter was capable of anything. Beneath his
composed façade the heart of a wolf lurked, forever vigilant for the right moment to unleash us fury

Josie pursed her lips and replied. “Oh, I’ve had a taste of that”

The car drove along a long street and came to a sudden halt. They arrived at a place Josie hain; been
before. It wasn’t a construction ute, but there were towering walls on either side, engulang thests with
stifling silence. There was no one else in sight.

As Josie peered ahead, she was taken aback by a tightly locked gate that looked like a prison.

She immediately realized what was happening. She looked at Arnold warily and asked, “Why did you
bring me here?”

It was the Southern Wavery Prison, where Arnold’s father was incarcerated

Why are you so nervous? I didn’t ask you to see him,” Arnold said with a slight smirk playing on his lips.
Instead of leaving the car, he leaned back in the rear seat and nonchalantly remarked, “You witnessed
my position in the Olsen family earlier at the hospital.”

Images flashed through Josie’s mind.

“Undervalued, distrusted, unrecognized,” Arnold drummed intermittently, his fingers on his leg.

Josie’s brow furrowed. “You chose this path yourself, didn’t you?”

Arnold locked his gaze into her dark eyes. “I don’t want to marry Summer.”

This bold statement caught Josie off guard.

“Or rather, I am marrying not Summer but the might and influence of the Olsen family,” Arnold chuckled
sinisterly. The person locked inside there-that’s what he truly desires from me.”

Josie’s brows furrowed deeper. “Arnold, this isn’t what you truly want. You still have a chance to turn
back. “It’s too late. Vengeance is the only thing that has defined me from childhood until now.”

Silence hung in the air.

A smirk played on Arnold’s lips as he propped up his legs. “The Olsens may scorn me now, but it won’t
be long before I have them on their knees, begging for my mercy.”

His words were so convincing that it was impossible to doubt him.

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