That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 651

He Wanted to Give Her a Home

Paul furrowed his white brows and looked closer at the picture. He became flabbergasted when he
gazed at Josie again, who was grinning widely.

Josie tilted her head. “I thought she resembled me too when I first saw her picture. Not just me, but
many others think so too. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of myself when I was younger. Pop, do
you remember how I looked when I was young?”

In the picture, Liana stood on a green pasture under the sunlight, beaming from ear to ear. Her aura
differed from Josie, who used to be shy when she was a girl.

Nonetheless, they looked like twins.

Paul scrutinized the picture and wiped away the dust on it. “You two look very alike…”

Suddenly, Paul was reminded of the scene when he first saw Josie back then..

That year, a nurse spotted a sick girl, aged around eight, outside the hospital. Her head was severely
damaged. Paul was her doctor-in-charge, and she only regained consciousness half a month later.

When she woke up, she stared at Paul with a lost look. Her eyes were filled with confusion, yet they
were bright and clear. “Who are you? Where am I?” She asked timidly.

Paul’s heart softened at once.

Even after the girl was completely healed, the police couldn’t find her family. The hospital specially held
a discussion and came to no conclusion. Finally, Paul stood up and uttered in a moderate yet
determined voice. “I’ll adopt the child and take care of her.”

He was still young at that time, and his son was only five years old. So, no one expected he would
voluntarily adopt the child.

Later, some asked Paul why he did so. Paul answered with mixed emotions, “I’ve been looking after
this child for a month, and I’m the only one she knows. I can’t bear to send her to the orphanage. I want
to give her a home.”

Jenny was dissatisfied with Paul’s decision and became very harsh towards Josie.

Paul thought he would return Josie to her parents if they came looking for her, but no one had come for
her even after she graduated from university.

As such, Paul raised Josie like his own daughter.

Until now, he could remember Josie’s appearance when she was young, which looked exactly

like the girl in the picture.

Paul’s memory had deteriorated ever since he regained consciousness. The old memories. were
especially shattered and sealed. When he suddenly remembered so many things in the past, he had a
headache as his brain could not take the impact.

“Hey Pop, are you okay?”

Josie was startled to see Paul’s pale face and quickly helped him sit down.

“Who’s this person in the picture? Is she from the Russell family?” Paul asked strangely.

Josie frowned. “No, she isn’t. Is there something wrong? You look disturbed.”

Paul heaved a sigh of relief when he heard the answer. “Why is this picture here, then?” He asked.

Josie hesitated. “Uhmm… That’s Dexter’s privacy. She’s his childhood friend, not from the Russell

Nodding in a daze, Paul placed the picture on the table and carefully examined it under the sunlight.
His memories were blurred, and he couldn’t make sense of some things. When he looked at the picture
again, he thought the resemblance wasn’t that strong.

“I see. You two look quite alike.”

Josie smiled and signaled for Julie to keep the picture away. “I wonder if we still look alike now that she
has grown up.”

After all, Liana was someone whom both Dexter and Claudia cared for. So, Josie hoped she was alive
and well.

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