That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 639

Bring Your Brother Back

“What’s all this arguing about? Do you wish I were gone tomorrow? Mark closed the documents and
slammed them on the table, asserting his authority. His stern expression clearly conveyed that he
wouldn’t tolerate plotting or scheming among the elders.

“Mr. Olsen, we have no such intention!” The several men quickly reassured, their eyes flickering with
hidden motives, especially when they glanced at Arnold, who seemed to have become their target.

Arnold, ever astute, saw an opportunity in the crisis. He cleverly shifted the focus, “Father, Sum is a
newcomer, and it’s normal for the elders not to trust her fully. But wanting to remove her so urgently.
raises some doubts.”

Summer, her arms crossed, added fuel to the fire, “Yeah, without knowing better, one might think you
guys want to take my place.”

One of the shareholders chided her, “Sum!”

“Don’t you dare call me Sum. I’m not the same as you all, who are only in it for personal gain,” Summer
retorted, her gaze unwavering as she focused on Mark.

“Enough,” Mark said while trying to sit up, and Claudia swiftly moved to assist him, supporting his
weakened body. “Both sides have concerns, and it’s natural to overthink the situation. How about
bringing your brother back to assist you during this time of the year?”

Zach? Josie felt the urge to step forward, but Dexter restrained her with a gentle shake.

“My brother, Zach?” Summer seemed taken aback, exchanging glances with Arnold.

“Zach…” Several elders also expressed their concerns.

“What? Are you all not satisfied with my decision?” Mark’s voice carried a hint of threat.

As Dexter whispered to Josie, he explained, “It’s been several months. The rumors about his domestic
abuse have died down, and Zach will eventually return. You can’t stop him.”

However, Josie was worried about the consequences of Zach’s return, particularly regarding Laura.
Knowing Zach’s pent-up anger, she feared he might seek revenge against Laura.

The elders sheepishly agreed to Mark’s decision, “…No, no.”

Arnold seized the opportunity to support Mark’s decision. “Zach is one of us and knows about the
company. Father’s decision indeed strikes a balance.”

Summer’s displeasure was evident, as she realized that Mark’s choice to have Zach assist instead of
Arnold indicated his intention to use Zach to secure the interests of the older members and maintain
their relationships.

Unfazed. Summer taunted the elders. “Are you still not leaving? Or do you want to stay and have
breakfast together?”

Taking the hint, the several elders quickly made their exit. Dexter held Josie’s hand and made way for
them to leave the room.

With the room now quiet, the couple entered. Dexter said, “I understand now why Mr. Olsen’s health is
not improving You’re bothered even by such trivial matters. It’s no wonder you’re exhausted.


No matter how often he saw Josie he couldn’t help but feel that she resembled that person who
appeared tri hus memory every so often

Thank you for your concern, but this is something we can handle ourselves, Arnold chimed in, his gaze
falling on the couple’s clasped hands as he held Summer’s hand, displaying their intimacy

“Of course, I believe you can handle it. I’m not here to meddle, Dexter responded with a light smile,
addressing Mark and Claudia. “I had a morning flight. I heard Mr. Olsen was hospitalized, so I first
rushed here. I hope it’s not too much of a bother.”

Mark remained silent, and Claudia spoke on his behalf, It’s no trouble. He has a long-term health issue;
it happens every winter.”

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