That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 648

A Reencounter

“Mm-hmm. I heard he’s still not married. He seems to be an ambitious man”

Surrounded by the noisy crowd, Dexter frowned in disgust. “This is no different from a wet market”

Larry couldn’t help laughing.

As the opening ceremony ended, a few staff escorted Morgan down the stage while the spotlight
continued shining on him.

Dexter suddenly asked, “Is he younger than me?”

Morgan and Josie were the same age. While they were still studying at university. Dexter already took
over the Russell Group.

“He’s just a young imp and is no match for you.”

“He was fearless and imposing when he confronted me, which reminded me of myself back in the day.”

Larry was at a loss for words.

Moments later, Larry disappeared from their sight. “Would you like to continue shopping?” Larry asked.

Dexter took out his phone to see Josie’s message, asking for the pair of high-heels in Valentino’s latest

It is said that Valentino knows men’s taste best. I’m sure the high heels will look great on me. I wonder
if you’ll like it.”

Dexter smiled. The mischievous woman loved seducing him over texts but was modest when facing

“Let’s walk around.”

Upon arriving at Valentino’s shop, they looked through the glass door to see a few socialites trying on
shoes and arrogantly picking on the staff.

A slender woman was kneeling on the ground, helping one of the ladies with the shoes. The lady
seemed to be displeased and yelled all of a sudden, “Ouch! You hurt me!”

She kicked the staff in the chest before rubbing her ankle.



The staff fell to the side and was hurt by the lady’s heel, but she didn’t complain and quickly stood up.
Tm so sorry. It was my mistake. Please let me clean it up for you.”

“You’re so clumsy. How did you qualify as a salesperson? My legs are insured. You can’t afford to
compensate me for any injuries!” The salesperson lowered her head helplessly.

“Get your manager here. I can’t just let this matter slide.”

“Miss, I’m very sorry. I…”

Just then, the manager walked out of the store room and said. “I’m the manager. So sorry for our staff’s
mistake. How can we make it up for you?”

“Didn’t your staff receive proper training? How could she make such a stupid mistake? Mind you. I
heard Mr. Bastille is hanging around in the mall today. Do you think your store can stay open if this

matter alerts him?” The woman threatened aggressively.

The manager was a bundle of nerves and nudged at the salesperson. “Quickly apologize to the

The manager pushed the salesperson to another side, which allowed Dexter to see her face. clearly. At
once, he furrowed his brows and cast a glance at Larry.

Larry panicked and said, “I didn’t know she was working here…”

It was Heather.

She apologized to the customer in a servile manner and looked pitiful with tears brimming in her eyes.

Dexter loosened his tie to ease his frustration. “Go and settle it.”

Then, he left the mall and got into the car. I’d rather you don’t wear it. He replied to Josie’s


On the other hand, Larry entered the store and rebuked the woman, “Mr. Bastille wouldn’t favor
someone who deliberately picks on the staff.”

The woman was caught off guard. Her face reddened in embarrassment as she left with her
companions. “What the heck are you talking about?!”

Meanwhile, Heather was shocked to see Larry.

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