That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 647

The Bastille Family’s New Mall

“Rivodia… It’s an old place.” Paul mumbled.

Josie didn’t hear him clearly. “What?”

“Nothing.” Paul lifted his head and asked worriedly, “Does he know you brought me here? If you act
without permission, I’m afraid he might be upset.”

Only then did Josie understand what Paul was concerned about. She smiled and said, “Pop, you’re
overthinking. It was he who reminded me to bring you over. He’s glad that you’re here.”

Paul remained doubtful. “I’ve had a few encounters with him. He’s someone who’s going to achieve
great things and is much more dependable than the guy you dated in college. You must have suffered
quite a bit to stay with someone like him.”

Dexter was destined to shine and would naturally have many enemies. As his wife, Josie would
inevitably be targeted too.

Paul was a wise man and could see through many things.

“They said your brain became slower after you got sick, but I think you’re still very shrewd to be able to
think of that.” Josie teased Paul while propping her head with one hand.

Paul was displeased and pushed her. “Hey, I’m being serious here.”

“There, there.” Josie held Paul’s mottled hand and assured him. “Just stay here and don’t worry about
anything else. Let me see you daily so I can put my mind at ease.”

Paul scrutinized Josie and became more relieved upon perceiving that she wasn’t forcing herself to put
on an act.

After comforting Paul, Josie returned to the master bedroom and made a video call to Dexter. When
Dexter picked up the call ten seconds later, Josie could tell he was in the car from the fleeting shadows.

“Hey, I hope I’m not disturbing you at this hour.” Josie was lying in bed.

“Nope. My dinner appointment just ended, and I’m heading back to the hotel now.” Dexter’s tired
expression relieved much after seeing Josie.

Josie nodded and informed him that she had brought Paul to Mason Garden.

“That’s good. Wyatt is at the end of his rope and would likely go after your father.”




Cupping her face with her hands, Josie asked, “Will Wyatt really go to Arnold for help? After all, there
are grudges between him and the Carters.”

“No one in this world will completely rely on another person. They’ll only use each other. By the way, I’ll
probably stay in Rivodia for three days.” Dexter said indifferently.

“A day without you is like a year without rain.” Josie purred with a grin.

Dexter was amused. “Where did you learn that from?”

“I mean it.”

The couple chatted for a while before ending the call. Dexter’s fatigue faded away after the call. He put
his phone aside and lifted his eyes to see a bustling mall not far away.

“Mr. Russell, this is S&A Mall, a newly opened business under the Bastille family.”.

Dexter’s eyes flickered. “Let’s go in and get a gift for Jo.”

A chill ran down Larry’s spine. How strange Dexter is to pick a gift for Josie at her ex- boyfriend’s mall.

The Bastille family’s businesses rarely involved the real economy. This first mall was opened on the
Bastilles’ own territory as a means of test marketing.

They had invited famous designers from overseas to design the arc-shaped building. The mall was an
enclave of various luxury brands, which showed that the Bastille family had an impressive network.

The mall was crowded with people. An opening ceremony was ongoing at the central court. A tall man
dressed in a white suit spoke into the microphone. “Welcome to S&A Mall, ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for your support.”

A thunder of applause broke out. Most patrons were the rich and socialites with considerable spending

“I’ve heard the young master of the Bastille family has returned to Rivodia, but I didn’t. expect to meet
him here.”

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