That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 649

Gleaning Information

Larry took out a credit card. “Give me a pair of high-heels in the latest collection”

He was anxious when he returned to the car with the shoes. Tm sorry, Mr. Russell. I didn’t know
Heather was working here.”

She was indeed sent back to Rivodia, but they didn’t expect her to appear on Morgan’s turf.

Dexter’s face was darkened, indicating his displeasure. ‘Did anyone notice the episode today?”

“I don’t think so. I’ll investigate if this has any connection with Morgan once we get back.” Larry

Heather was previously a spy for Arnold and participated in many of his plans, so she was not an
ordinary person. Now that she worked in the Bastilles’ mall, it was natural for Dexter to become

“Go look into it as soon as possible.”

When the car engine started, Dexter casually raised his eyes to see Heather running out from the mall,
but she was too late and could only watch the car drive away.

Perceiving her disappointed look, Dexter averted his gaze.

When Josie woke up and saw Dexter’s reply the next day, she blushed to the root of her hair.

On the other hand, Laura had not replied to her message yet. Josie inhaled deeply and decided that
she had no choice but to trouble Arnold. She pondered upon it for a moment before calling Mrs.
Langman. “Hi, Mrs. Langman. Are you available today?”

They met at the same rooftop cafe as before. Sitting across from Josie, Mrs. Langman held. her coffee
cup elegantly. “Mrs. Russell, you won’t come to me for trivial matters. Why did you ask me out this

Josie smiled. Tm here to bring you some news.”

“What news is it?”

“I believe the project in Northern Wavery is under Mr. Langman’s management, right? There are some
issues with the project.” Josie was in the same industry, so the news reached her in a short time.

She handed over a document to Mrs. Langman, who was flustered. “Some people are attempting to
sabotage Mr. Langman in the quality inspection.”



Mrs. Langman opened the envelope panickedly and was shocked after reading it. “You’re right. He’ll be
in trouble if this is exposed at a later stage.”

Jour uttered, “Since you know the source of the issue now, any potential problems can be avoided if
immediate actions are taken.”

Mrs. Langman smiled. “Thank you, Mrs. Russell.”

Josie put down her coffee cup, which gave a crisp sound when it hit the glass table.

“May I ask for a favor, Mrs. Langman?”

“What is it?”

“Can you help me find out when exactly Zach Olsen returned to Wavery? It shouldn’t be difficult for

Mrs. Langman mingled in the upper circle, so it was a piece of cake for her to glean


Mrs. Langman roughly understood Josie’s intention. She raised her eyebrows and commented, “It
seems like you and Mr. Russell are on the same side now.”

Josie smiled and didn’t specify who it was for

In fact, Zach’s return to Wavery had its pros and cons. For Dexter, there were many things he could do
to Zach; but it was a disaster for Laura.

Josie couldn’t decide who to side with but was more concerned about Laura’s situation

She would be more relieved if Laura could find a safe shelter….

At Wavery.

The morning sunlight streamed through the window as Dexter adjusted his attire in front of the mirror
while listening to Larry’s report.

“That’s all for today’s schedule.” Larry closed the file and added. “I looked into the matter Heather’s job
in S&A Mall has nothing to do with Morgan. They don’t know each other and never have interactions.
Yesterday’s incident was merely a coincidence.”

Dexter looked at himself in the mirror and said, “Keep an eye on them. I want to see how things unfold.”

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