That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 650

An Old Picture

Angel and Jade were closely monitoring the Carter Group’s project, so Josie could keep her hands off
and have more free time than she was used to.

“Call me immediately if there’s anything you can’t decide. She instructed Angel and Jade. Apart from
the project, she didn’t want to have any other interactions with Arnold.

The weather was pleasant on that day. Josie returned to Mason Garden and saw Julie and Paul
walking back to the villa after a stroll outside. They were close in age and looked harmonious.

When Julie saw Josie, she immediately said, “Madam. The weather is pretty good today, so I brought
Mr. Warren out for a walk.”

Paul quickly explained, “I wanted to come out for a walk. It’s not her fault.”

Amused, Josie crossed her arms and teased, “Pop. I haven’t even said anything, yet you instantly
defended Mrs. Carroll.”

Her playful remark made the two elders blush. “What nonsense are you talking about? We’re not young

Josie took Paul’s hand from Julie and supported him to walk into the house. I’m just kidding. Why so

Paul gave her a stern look, which made her surrender with both hands. “Okay, okay. I’ll stop.”

Josie and Paul sat in the yard, basking in the sun. “It has been a few days. When is he coming back?”
Paul asked out of the blue.

Josie chuckled. “Who are you referring to?”

“Ugh! Dexter!”

“Why don’t you call him by his name? When I was in university back then, you also called. Morgan
‘your friend. You’re so protective of your daughter.” Josie chaffed.

From how Josie mentioned Morgan naturally, Paul could tell she had completely gotten over him.

“You’re my precious daughter. How could I not be angry to see him bully you?” Leaning on his cane,
Paul wore a proud expression.

Josie appreciated the presence of her humorous father all the more.




“He’ll be back tomorrow, or latest, by the day after, Josie replied after counting the days on her fingers.

Paul was relieved to hear the reply. He looked closely at Josie under the sunlight and was reminded of
something from long ago.

Seeing Paul lost in thought, Josie asked curiously. “What’s on your mind?

“Nothing. I just remembered that you were so small when I brought you home back then. Time flies.
You’ve now grown into an adult. Paul made a gesture: his aging eyes were full of nostalgia.

Josie smiled bitterly. Indeed, everything had passed in the blink of an eye. “How was I like when I was
young? Was I naughty?”

Josie had a faint memory of her childhood.

Paul shook his head. “You were very well-behaved, unlike other children your age. You were often on
your own. One could hardly believe a child at that age could be so obedient.”

Josie couldn’t imagine herself being well-behaved.

It was a sunny day, so Julie took out some old items to dust them off. Josie went to assist her and
accidentally spotted a framed picture of Liana, the woman who was once the apple of Dexter’s eye.

Julie panicked. “I-I didn’t know the picture was kept here.”

Josie picked up the frame and wiped the dust, so the picture could be seen clearer. “Don’t worry. It’s
dirty. I’ll wipe it clean.”

At this stage, she wasn’t bothered by Dexter’s past relationship as much as before. After all, it had
become the past for both her and Dexter.

Paul glanced in Josie’s direction and was stunned when he saw the picture. He rubbed his eyes and
gasped in disbelief, “Why is this picture here?”

Josie was holding Liana’s picture in her hand.

She waved the picture and commented mischievously, “Don’t you think we look alike?”


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