That Day When I Got Married to My Boss at the Blind Date

Chapter 652

A Gift for Him

“My daughter definitely looks more beautiful.” Paul patted Josie’s hand.

Josie beamed back at him. She used to be envious when she saw how Summer’s father cared. for her.
She no longer had any reason to be envious.

At Rivodia.

On Dexter’s final day there, his last schedule was supervising part of the upcoming year’s work goals
for the branch. As night fell, the head branch accompanied him at the banquet in Rivodia’s liveliest

Three rounds of drinks went around. Dexter was not drunk. An executive from the branch offered him a
cigarette. “Mr. Russell, I heard that you love this brand Lelotus.”

Dexter did not give him a single glance. “I don’t smoke anymore.”

“You don’t smoke?” The man was taken aback and put the cigarettes away awkwardly.

Dexter had always been careful of how much he drank. He was being courteous with the amount he
had consumed today. Yet the others had not noticed his actions and discussed. where to go next.

“Rivodia’s lakes are beautiful at night.”

He kept silent and looked out the window. It was bustling outside. “Even the ever-upright Rivodia has
such places.”

The city was developed with business as the primary income source. Although it was neither. a tourist
nor a capital city, the number of agreements required for anything to be done was not easy to obtain in

the slightest.

A reply came immediately. “Only the Bastille family have this privilege with their influence.”

Dexter’s eyes darkened. “A large taxpayer has the ability to do that.”

Some began discussing in hushed voices. “I heard that the second son of the family is back. here to
compete for the spot as heir with the eldest son. He appeared at the newly opened. mall yesterday.
Perhaps he was there to declare his


“What second son? He’s an illegitimate son. All he has is his knowledge from a few years of studies.
Does he have the ability to defeat Morgan with just that?”

“Didn’t Morgan only come back recently? Why is there suddenly such a situation?”

“Didn’t you know? Morgan was born after his father’s death. His mother only managed to get a position
in the family with Morgan’s presence.”

“Wow, the old man Bastille is incredible. How did he get an illegitimate child? They’re probably only a
few months apart.”

They laughed. Dexter had a half smile when he heard them.

Morgan’s mother had her plan. When the man died, she quickly became a part of the family. She
obtained a stable hold over a substantial portion of the businesses. All in the family. hoped that the
baby she had would be a boy.

And he was.

He even turned out to be a reliable son.

“What’s the name of the second son?” He tilted his head slightly while asking Larry.

“Shawn Bastille.”

“Get me an appointment with him within two hours. I have a precious gift for him.”

Larry only hesitated for a second. “Will do, sir.”

It seemed that Dexter planned to redeem back Russell Group’s loss here.

At Bulgari Hotel, a couple of glasses of red wine were poured.

“I wouldn’t have known that the great Mr. Russell is here visiting if no one had told me.” The man’s
voice was soft. The golden glasses framing his face twinkled as he entered with a gift bag. “I’ve only
managed to prepare some little gifts. I hope that you will find it to your taste.

Dexter gave him a glance. “Mr. Bastille, you’re an easy man to make an appointment with. I only been
an hour, and you’re here.”

Shawn’s expression stiffened at the sarcasm, but he kept civil. “Of course, I will come when it’s Mr.
Russell’s invitation. After all, those hoping to meet you could queue from here all th way to Wavery.”

Dexter did not smile. “You look quite anxious. I think I know how to soothe your anxiety.”

Shawn’s eyes twinkled. Anyone could see what he meant.

“Forgive me for asking, but why would you help me?”

Dexter raised his glass. “I’m in a good mood today.”

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